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Dr. Jennifer Pastorini

A pdf file of each publication can be sent to you on request ().

Fernando P, De Silva MKCR, Jayasinghe LKA, Janaka HK & Pastorini J
First country-wide survey of the endangered Asian elephant: Towards better conservation and management in Sri Lanka
Oryx 55 (2021) 46-55. Abstract/Download

Fernando P & Pastorini J
Whither the science in wildlife management?
Animal Conservation 24 (2021) 735-737. Download

Liyanage DJ, Fernando P, Dayawansa PN, Janaka HK, & Pastorini J
The elephant at the dump: How does garbage consumption impact Asian elephants?
Mammalian Biology 101 (2021) 1089-1097. Abstract/Download

Pastorini J, De Silva MKCR, Jayasinghe LKA & Fernando P
Island-wide distribution of Sri Lankan primates based on a questionnaire survey of residents
Asian Primates Journal 9 (2021) 20-31. Download pdf (1.9 MB)

Fernando P, Ekanayaka SKK & Pastorini J
The elephant at the fence: Almsman, panhandler, friend or foe?
European Journal of Wildlife Research 66 (2020) e97. Abstract/Download

Campos-Arceiz A & Pastorini J
Report of the seventh Elephant Conservation Group workshop
Gajah 52 (2020) 53-55. Download pdf (372 KB)

Noonan MJ, et al.
Effects of body size on estimation of mammalian area requirements
Conservation Biology 34 (2020) 1017-1028. Abstract/Download

Pastorini J, Pilapitiya S & Fernando P
Wild Asian elephant twins in Sri Lanka
Gajah 52 (2020) 48-50. Download pdf (217 KB)

Pastorini J
Report on the sixth Elephant Conservation Group workshop
Gajah 48 (2018) 48-49. Download pdf (162 KB)

Ranjeewa ADG, Pastorini J, Isler K, Weerakoon DK, Kottage HD & Fernando P
Decreasing reservoir water levels improve habitat quality for Asian elephants
Mammalian Biology 88 (2018) 130-137. Abstract/Download

Sampson C, Leimgruber P, Tonkyn D, Pastorini J, Janaka HK, Sotherden E & Fernando P
Effects of illegal grazing and invasive Lantana camara on Asian elephant habitat use
Biological Conservation 220 (2018) 50-59. Abstract/Download

Schffmann C, Clauss M, Fernando P, Pastorini J, Wendler P, Ertl N, Hoby S & Hatt J-M
Body condition scores of European zoo elephants (Elephas maximus and Loxodonta africana): Status quo and influencing factors
Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research 6 (2018) 91-103. Abstract/Download

Abeysinghe KS, Perera ANF, Pastorini J, Isler K, Mammides C & Fernando P
Gastrointestinal strongyle infections in captive and wild elephants in Sri Lanka
Gajah 46 (2017) 21-27. Download pdf (357 KB)

Jacobs RL, MacFie TS, Spriggs AN, Baden AL, Morelli TL, Irwin MT, Lawler RR, Pastorini J, Mayor M, Lei R et al.
Novel opsin gene variation in large-bodied, diurnal lemurs
Biology Letters 13 (2017) e20170050. Abstract/Download

Jitvijak W, Ngoentip P & Pastorini J
Report on the fifth Elephant Conservation Group workshop.
Gajah 46 (2017) 46-47. Download pdf (306 KB)

Fernando P, Jayasinghe LKA, Perera RAR, Weeratunga V, Kotagama SW & Pastorini J
Diet component estimation in Asian elephants by microhistological faecal analysis
Gajah 44 (2016) 23-29. Download pdf (489 KB)

Parga JA, Sauther ML, Cuozzo FP, Jacky IAY, Lawler RR, Sussman RW, Gould L & Pastorini J
Paternity in wild ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta): Implications for male mating strategies.
American Journal of Primatology 78 (2016) 1316-1325. Abstract/Download

Fernando P, Prasad T, Janaka HK, Ekanayaka SKK, Nishantha HG & Pastorini J
The use of radio-tracking data to guide development and manage elephants
WILDLANKA 3 (2015) 12-19. Download pdf (5.5 MB)

Parga JA, Sauther ML, Cuozzo FP, Jacky IAY, Gould L, Sussman RW, Lawler RR & Pastorini J
Genetic evidence for male and female dispersal in wild Lemur catta
Folia Primatologica 86 (2015) 66-75. Abstract/Downlaod

Pastorini J, Prasad T, Leimgruber P, Isler K & Fernando P
Elephant GPS tracking collars: Is there a best?
Gajah 43 (2015) 15-25. Download pdf (751 KB)

Pastorini J, Sauther ML, Sussman RW, Gould L, Cuozzo FP, Fernando P, Nievergelt CM & Mundy NI
Comparison of the genetic variation of captive ring-tailed lemurs with a wild population in Madagascar
Zoo Biology 34 (2015) 463-472. Abstract/Download

Pastorini J, Janaka HK, Nishantha HG, Prasad T, Leimgruber P & Fernando P
A preliminary study on the impact of changing shifting cultivation practices on dry season forage for Asian elephants in Sri Lanka
Tropical Conservation Science 6 (2013) 770-780. Download

Weeratunga V, Nishantha HG, Pastorini J & Fernando P
Return of the comb duck (Sarkidiornis melanotus) to Sri Lanka
Siyoth 3 (2013) 3-6. Download pdf (2.2 MB)

Wickramasinghe LJM, Vidanapathirana DR, Airyarathne S, Rajeev G, Chanaka A, Pastorini J, Chathuranga G & Wickramasinghe N
Lost and found: One of the world's most elusive amphibians, Pseudophilautus stellatus (Kelaart 1853) rediscovered
Zootaxa 3620 (2013) 112–128. Abstract/Download

Wijesinha R, Hapuarachchi N, Abbott B, Pastorini J & Fernando P
Disproportionate dwarfism in a wild Asian elephant
Gajah 38 (2013) 30-32. Download pdf (590 KB)

Fernando P, Leimgruber P, Prasad T & Pastorini J
Problem-elephant translocation: Translocating the problem and the elephant?
PLoS ONE 7 (2012) e50917. Abstract/Download

Pastorini J & Fernando P
Publications on Asian elephants in ‘Gajah’ and other scientific journals
Gajah 35 (2011) 10-14. Download pdf (987 KB)

Leimgruber P, Azmi W, Baishya H, Campos-Arceiz A, Fernando P, Jitvijak W, Maltby M, Pastorini J, Pradhan N, Ritthirat J et al.
Workshop on developing adaptive management for mitigating human-elephant conflict across Asia
Gajah 34 (2011) 63-66. Download pdf (418 KB)

Fernando P & Pastorini J
Range-wide status of Asian elephants
Gajah 35 (2011) 15-20. Download pdf (750 KB)

Fernando P, Jayewardene J, Prasad T, Hendavitharana W & Pastorini J
Current status of Asian elephants in Sri Lanka
Gajah 35 (2011) 93-103. Download pdf (844 KB)

Ekanayaka SKK, Campos-Arceiz A, Rupasinghe M, Pastorini J & Fernando P
Patterns of crop raiding by Asian elephants in a human-dominated landscape in southeastern Sri Lanka
Gajah 34 (2011) 20-25. Download pdf (537 KB)

Pastorini J, Nishantha HG, Janaka HK, Isler K & Fernando P
Water-body use by Asian elephants in Southern Sri Lanka.
Tropical Conservation Science 3 (2010) 412-422. Download pdf (598 KB)

Fernando P, Janaka HK, Prasad T & Pastorini J
Identifying elephant movement patterns by direct observation
Gajah 33 (2010) 41-46. Download pdf (709 KB)

Pastorini J, Zaramody A, Curtis DJ, Nievergelt CM & Mundy NI
Genetic analysis of hybridization and introgression between wild mongoose and brown lemurs.
BMC Evolutionary Biology 9 (2009) 32. Abstract/Download

Fernando P, Janaka HK, Ekanayaka SKK, Nishantha HG & Pastorini J
A simple method for assessing elephant body condition.
Gajah 31 (2009) 29-31. Download pdf (225 KB)

Bennett CE, Pastorini J, Dollar L & Hahn WJ
Phylogeography of the Malagasy ring-tailed mongoose, Galidia elegans, from mtDNA sequence analysis.
Mitochondrial DNA 20 (2009) 7-14. Abstract/Download

Campos-Arceiz A, Larrinaga AR, Weerasinghe UR, Takatsuki S, Pastorini J, Leimgruber P, Fernando P & Santamaria L
Behavior rather than diet mediates seasonal differences in seed dispersal by Asian elephants.
Ecology 89 (2008) 2684-2691. Abstract/Download

Fernando P, Wikramanayake ED, Janaka HK, Jayasinghe LKA, Gunawardena M, Kotagama SW, Weerakoon D & Pastorini J
Ranging behavior of the Asian elephant in Sri Lanka
Mammalian Biology 73 (2008) 2-13. Abstract/Download

Pastorini J, Nishantha HG & Fernando P
A preliminary study on dung decay in the Yala National Park, Sri Lanka
Gajah 27 (2007) 48-51.

Bryson Jr. RW, Pastorini J, Burbrink FT, Forstner MRJ
A phylogeny of the Lampropeltis mexicana complex (Serpentes: Colubridae) based on mitochondrial DNA sequences suggests evidence for species-level polyphyly within Lampropeltis
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 43 (2007) 674-684. Abstract/Download

Fernando P, Wikramanayake ED, Weerakoon D, Janaka HK, Gunawardena M, Jayasinghe LKA, Nishantha HG & Pastorini J
The future of Asian elephant conservation: Setting sights beyound protected area boundaries
In: Conservation Biology in Asia. J. A. McNeely, T. M. McCarthy, A. Smith, L. Olsvig-Whittaker and E. D. Wikramanayake (eds) Kathmandu, Nepal, Society for Conservation Biology Asia Section and Resources Himalaya Foundation (2006) 252-260. Download pdf (2.1 MB)

Fernando P, Wikramanayake ED & Pastorini J
Impact of tsunami on terrestrial ecosystems of Yala National Park, Sri Lanka
Current Science 90 (2006) 1531-1534.

Fernando P, Polet G, Foead N, Ng LS, Pastorini J & Melnick DJ
Genetic diversity, phylogeny and conservation of the Javan rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus)
Conservation Genetics 7 (2006) 439-448. $444$

Bradley BJ, Pastorini J & Mundy NI
Successful retrieval of mRNA from hair follicles stored at room temperature: implications for studying gene expression in wild mammals
Molecular Ecology Notes 5 (2005) 961-964. $445$

Pastorini J, Fernando P, Forstner MRJ & Melnick DJ
Characterization of new microsatellite loci for the ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta)
Molecular Ecology Notes 5 (2005) 149-151. $446$

Pastorini J, Fernando P, Melnick DJ & Forstner MRJ
Isolation of 10 microsatellite markers for mongoose lemurs (Eulemur mongoz)
Molecular Ecology Notes 4 (2004) 67-69. $447$

Pastorini J, Thalmann U & Martin RD
A molecular approach to comparative phylogeography of extant Malagasy lemurs
Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the USA 100 (2003) 5879-5884. $448$

Pastorini J, Forstner MRJ & Martin RD
Phylogenetic relationships among Lemuridae (Primates): Evidence from mtDNA
Journal of Human Evolution 43 (2002) 463-478. $449$

Pastorini J, Forstner MRJ & Martin RD
Phylogenetic relationships of the gentle lemurs (Hapalemur)
Evolutionary Anthropology 11(S1) (2002) 150-154. Abstract/Download

Nievergelt CM, Pastorini J & Woodruff DS
Genetic variability and phylogeography in the wild Alaotran gentle lemur population
Evolutionary Anthropology 11(S1) (2002) 175-179. Abstract/Download

Pryce CR, Pastorini J, Vàsàrhelyi K & Christen A
Bio-behavioural description of social and reproductive relationships in captive Goeldi's monkeys
Evolutionary Anthropology 11(S1) (2002) 190-194. Abstract/Download

Ménard N, von Segesser F, Scheffrahn W, Pastorini J, Vallet D, Gaci B, Martin RD & Gautier-Hion A
Is male-infant caretaking related to paternity and/or mating activities in wild Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus)?
Comptes Rendus de l'Académie des Sciences, Paris, Sciences de la vie/Life Sciences 324 (2001) 601-610. Abstract/Download

Pastorini J, Forstner MRJ & Martin RD
Phylogenetic history of sifakas (Propithecus: Lemuriformes) derived from mtDNA sequences
American Journal of Primatology 53 (2001) 1-17. Abstract/Download

Pastorini J, Martin RD, Ehresmann P, Zimmermann E & Forstner MRJ
Molecular phylogeny of the lemur family Cheirogaleidae (Primates) based on mitochondrial DNA sequences
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 19 (2001) 45-56. Abstract/Download

Zaramody A & Pastorini J
Indications for hybridisation between red-fronted lemurs (Eulemur fulvus rufus) and mongoose lemurs (E. mongoz) in northwest Madagascar
Lemur News 6 (2001) 28-31. Download pdf (108 KB)

Pastorini J
Population genetics of mongoose lemurs (Eulemur mongoz)
In: Bettinger T (ed.) Mongoose Lemur Management Plan (Eulemur mongoz) December 2000. Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. p 23-30.

Pastorini J, Epplen JT & Martin RD
Multilocus DNA fingerprinting using oligonucleotide probes in 5 macaque species
Folia Primatologica 71 (2000) 161-168.

Pastorini J, Forstner MRJ & Martin RD
Relationships among brown lemurs (Eulemur fulvus) based on mitochondrial DNA sequences
Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 16 (2000) 418-429. Abstract/Download

Pastorini J
Molecular Systematics of Lemurs
Ph.D. thesis, University of Zürich (2000). Download pdf (2.9 MB)

Pastorini J, Forstner MRJ, Martin RD & Melnick DJ
A reexamination of the phylogenetic position of Callimico (Primates) incorporating new mitochondrial DNA sequence data
Journal of Molecular Evolution 47 (1998) 32-41. Abstract/Download