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About CCR

Centre for Conservation and Research (CCR)

CCR conducts scientific research to provide information necessary for better environmental conservation and management. CCR also offers advice and assistance when people and elephants come into conflict. 

CCR was founded in 2004 with the idea of supporting species conservation with more research. Too many unanswered questions repeatedly cause well-intentioned conservation projects to fail. Since 2004 CCR has patiently collected data in a unique way, especially on Asian elephants. But CCR's efforts today include not only research, but also advisory work and much hands-on fieldwork.

Activities of CCR

  • Asian elephant research projects:
    • Study of social organisation of Asian elephants
    • Monitor elephant populations by keeping track of their body condition and demography
    • Island-wide distribution survey, now being repeated after 10 years 
    • Tracking elephants with GPS collar to study their movements
    • Smaller research projects on other animals of Sri Lanka
  • Elephant conservation, in particular:
    • Consultation with affected people in village communities
    • Consultation at government level 
    • Consultation for agricultural use and construction projects
  • Promoting permanent and temporary electric fences as a human-elephant conflict mitigating tool
    • Work with village communities to put up permanent village fences 
    • Work with farmer societies to construct seasonal fences around their paddy fields
    • Train government agencies to erect such fences on a large scale
  • Awareness program to sensitise the general public and government agencies
  • Supervision of students
  • Publications
    • Scientific publications
    • Media work (articles in English / Sinhalese / German)
    • Reports on various topics
    • Help in publishing Gajah, the journal of the IUCN SSC Asian Elephant Specialist Group

About CCR & ALIYA in English
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