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Publications on Asian Elephants 2010

T. Angkawanish, W. Wajjwalku, A. Sirimalaisuwan, S. Mahasawangkul, T. Kaewsakhorn, K. Boonsri & V.P.M.G. Rutten
Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection of domesticated Asian elephants, Thailand
Emerging Infectious Diseases 16 (2010) 1949-1951 Abstract/Download

B.I. Annasiwaththa, R. Munasinghe, P. Fernando & P. Leimgruber
Design and development of power optimized satellite elephant collar with remote programmability
5th International Conference on Information and Automation for Sustainability (ICIAFs) (2010) 370-375 Abstract/Download

E.A. Archie, T. Henry, J.E. Maldonado, C.J. Moss, J.H. Poole, V.R. Pearson, S. Murray, S.C. Alberts & R.C. Fleischer
Major histocompatibility complex variation and evolution at a single, expressed DQA locus in two genera of elephants
Immunogenetics 62 (2010) 85-100 Abstract/Download

M. Ashokkumar. R. Nagarajan & Ajay A. Desai
Group size and age-sex composition of Asian elephant and gaur in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, Southern India
Gajah 32 (2010) 27-34 Abstract/Download

P. Bapodra, T. Bouts, P. Mahoney, S. Turner, A. Silva-Fletcher & M. Waters
Ultrasonographic anatomy of the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) eye
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 41(2010) 409-417 Abstract/Download

M. Barua
Whose issue? Representations of human-elephant conflict in Indian and international media
Science Communication 32 (2010) 55-75 Abstract/Download

M. Barua, J. Tamuly & R.A. Ahmed
Mutiny or clear sailing? Examining the role of the Asian elephant as a flagship species
Human Dimensions of Wildlife 15 (2010) 145-160 Abstract/Download

N. Baskaran, M. Balasubramanian, S. Swaminathan & A.A. Desai
Feeding ecology of the Asian elephant Elephas maximus Linnaeus in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, southern India
Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 107 (2010) 3-13 Abstract/Download

N. Baskaran, A. Udhayan & A.A. Desai
Status of the Asian elephant population in Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Southern India
Gajah 32 (2010) 6-13 Abstract/Download

G. Boschian & D. Sacca
Ambiguities in human and elephant interactions? Stories of bones, sand and water from Castel di Guido (Italy)
Quaternary International 214 (2010) 3-16 Abstract/Download

J.L. Brown, D.C. Kersey, E.W. Freeman & T. Wagener
Assessment of diurnal urinary cortisol excretion in Asian and African elephants using different endocrine methods
Zoo Biology 29 (2010) 274-283 Abstract/Download

J.L. Brown, D.C. Kersey & S.L. Walker
Assessment of luteinizing hormone and prolactin immunoactivity in Asian and African elephant urine using assays validated for serum
General and Comparative Endocrinology 169 (2010) 138-143 Abstract/Download

K.L. Campbell, J.E.E. Roberts, L.N. Watson, J. Stetefeld, A.M. Sloan, A.V. Signore, J.W. Howatt, J.R.H. Tame, N. Rohland, T.-J. Shen, J.J. Austin, M. Hofreiter, C. Ho, R.E. Weber & A. Cooper
Substitutions in woolly mammoth hemoglobin confer biochemical properties adaptive for cold tolerance
Nature Genetics 42 (2010) 536–540 Abstract/Download

M. Chaiklin
Ivory in world history – early modern trade in context

History Compass 8 (2010) 530-542 Abstract/Download

K. Chelliah, G. Kannan, S. Kundu, N. Abilash, A. Madhusudan, N. Baskaran & R. Sukumar
Testing the efficacy of a chilli–tobacco rope fence as a deterrent against crop-raiding elephants
Current Science 99 (2010) 1239-1243 Abstract/Download

R. Clements, D.M. Rayan, A.W.A. Zafir, A. Venkataraman, R. Alfred, J. Payne, L. Ambu & D.S.K. Sharma
Trio under threat: can we secure the future of rhinos, elephants and tigers in Malaysia?
Biodiversity and Conservation 19 (2010) 1115-1136 Abstract/Download

Earl of Cranbrook
Late quaternary turnover of mammals in Borneo: the zooarchaeological record
Biodiversity and Conservation 19 (2010) 373-391 Abstract/Download

R.H.I. Dale
Birth statistics for African (Loxodonta africana) and Asian (Elephas maximus) elephants in human care: history and implications for elephant welfare
Zoo Biology 29 (2010) 87-103 Abstract/Download

S. de Silva
Acoustic communication in the Asian elephant, Elephas maximus maximus
Behaviour 147 (2010) 825-852 Abstract/Download

S. de Silva
On predicting elephant population dynamics
Gajah 33 (2010) 12-16 Abstract/Download

S. Doyle, M. Groo, C. Sampson, M. Songer, M. Jones & P. Leimgruber
Human-elephant conflict—What can we learn from the news?
Gajah 32 (2010) 14-20 Abstract/Download

R. Duffy & L. Moore
Neoliberalising nature? Elephant-back tourism in Thailand and Botswana
Antipode 42 (2010) 742-766 Abstract/Download

P. Fernando
Managing 'problem elephants'.
Loris 25 (6) (2010) 32-36 Abstract/Download

P. Fernando
Whose responsibility is it?
Gajah 32 (2010) 1-2 Abstract/Download

P. Fernando, H.K. Janaka, T. Prasad & J. Pastorini
Identifying elephant movement patterns by direct observation
Gajah 33 (2010) 41-46 Abstract/Download

C. Gaucherel, M. Balasubramanian, P.V. Karunakaran, B.R. Ramesh, G. Muthusankar, C. Hély & P. Couteron
At which scales does landscape structure influence the spatial distribution of elephants in the Western Ghats (India)?
Journal of Zoology 280 (2010) 185-194 Abstract/Download

J.J. Genin, P.A. Willems, G.A. Cavagna, R. Lair & N.C. Heglund
Biomechanics of locomotion in Asian elephants
Journal of Experimental Biology 213 (2010) 694-706 Abstract/Download

R. Ghosal, R. Sukumar & P.B. Seshagiri
Prediction of estrus cyclicity in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) through estimation of fecal progesterone metabolite: development of an enzyme-linked immuno-sorbent assay
Theriogenology 73 (2010) 1051-1060 Abstract/Download

C. Gómez-Centurión
Treasures fit for a king. King Charles III of Spain's Indian elephants
Journal of the History of Collections 22 (2010) 29-44 Abstract/Download

S.P. Gopalakrishna, Somashekar R.K., V.D. Anand & S. Varma
Asian elephant and Bannerghatta National Park in Eastern Ghats, Southern India
Gajah 33 (2010) 47-52 Abstract/Download

K. Govindaraj
Solitary behaviour of female elephants in Idukki Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
Gajah 32 (2010) 40-41 Abstract/Download

S. Hedges & D. Gunaryadi
Reducing human–elephant conflict: do chillies help deter elephants from entering crop fields?
Oryx 44 (2010) 139-146 Abstract/Download

C.J. Hemmer, M. Littmann, M. Löbermann, H. Meyer, A. Petschaelis & E.C. Reisinger
Human cowpox virus infection acquired from a circus elephant in Germany
International Journal of Infectious Diseases 14 (2010) e338-e340 Abstract/Download

V. Jantou-Morris, M.A. Horton & D.W. McComb
The nano-morphological relationships between apatite crystals and collagen fibrils in ivory dentine
Biomaterials 31(2010) 5275-5286 Abstract/Download

J. Jayewardene
Report of three twin births in captive Asian elephants
Gajah 33 (2010) 71 Abstract/Download

Y. Jin-Long, Y. Rui, W. Deng-Hu, Y. Song-Quan, W. Ming-Shu & C. An-Chun
Simple method for detection of superficial fungal infections in Asian elephant
Journal of Food, Agriculture & Environment 8 (2010) 1225-1226 Abstract/Download

R. Joshi
How social are Asian elephants Elephas maximus?
New York Science Journal 3 (2010) 27-31 Abstract/Download

R. Joshi, R. Singh, A. Dixit, R. Agarwal, M.S. Negi, N. Pandey, R. Pushola & S. Rawat
Is isolation of protected habitats the prime conservation concern for endangered Asian elephants in Shivalik landscape?
Global Journal of Environmental Research 4 (2010) 113-126 Abstract/Download

C. Kaulfers, F. Geburek, K. Feige & A. Knieriem
Radiographic imaging and possible causes of a carpal varus deformity in an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 41 (2010) 697-702 Abstract/Download

V.B. Kokshenev & P. Christiansen
Salient features in the locomotion of proboscideans revealed via the differential scaling of limb long bones
Biological Journal of the Linnean Society 100 (2010) 16-29 Abstract/Download

A. Kumar, B.G. Marcot & G. Talukdar
Designing a protected area network for conservation planning in jhum landscapes of Garo Hills, Meghalaya
Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing 38 (2010) 501-512 Abstract/Download

M.A. Kumar, D. Mudappa & T.R.S. Raman
Asian elephant Elephas maximus habitat use and ranging in fragmented rainforest and plantations in the Anamalai Hills, India
Tropical Conservation Science 3 (2010) 143-158 Abstract/Download

M.A. Kumar & M. Singh
Behavior of Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) in a land-use mosaic: Implications for human-elephant coexistence in the Anamalai Hills, India
Wildlife Biology in Practice 6 (2010) 69-80 Abstract/Download

A. Kumaraguru, K. Karunanithi, S. Asokan & N. Baskaran
Estimating Asian elephant population in Dindugul, Kodaikanal and Theni Forest Divisions, Western Ghats Tamil Nadu
Gajah 32 (2010) 35-39 Abstract/Download

F. Labatut & I. Suter
The veterinary care of domesticated elephants in Laos by a mobile veterinary unit
Gajah 32 (2010) 21-26 Abstract/Download

J.A. Landolfi, S.K. Mikota, J. Chosy, K.P. Lyashchenko, K. Giri, K. Gairhe & K.A. Terio
Comparison of systemic cytokine levels in Mycobacterium spp. seropositive and seronegative Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 41(2010) 445-455 Abstract/Download

S. Laohachaiboon
Conservation for whom? Elephant conservation and elephant conservationists in Thailand
Southeast Asian Studies 48 (2010) 74-95 Abstract/Download

D.M. Lavigne
CITES alone cannot solve the elephant crisis
Gajah 32 (2010) 47-49 Abstract/Download

K.D. Lewis, D.J. Shepherdson, T.M. Owens & M. Keele
A survey of elephant husbandry and foot health in North American zoos
Zoo Biology 29 (2010) 221-236 Abstract/Download

W.A. Lindsay, E. Wiedner, R. Isaza, H.G.G. Townsend, M. Boleslawski & D.P. Lunn
Immune responses of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) to commercial tetanus toxoid vaccine
Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 133 (2010) 287-289 Abstract/Download

J. Lorimer
Elephants as companion species: the lively biogeographies of Asian elephant conservation in Sri Lanka
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 35 (2010) 491-506 Abstract/Download

I. Lueders, B. Drews, C. Niemuller, C. Gray, P. Rich, J. Fickel, G. Wibbelt, F. Göritz & T.B. Hildebrandt
Ultrasonographically documented early pregnancy loss in an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Reproduction, Fertility and Development 22 (2010) 1159-1165 Abstract/Download

I. Lueders, C. Niemuller, C. Gray, P. Rich & T.B. Hildebrandt
Luteogenesis during the estrous cycle in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Reproduction 140 (2010) 777-786 Abstract/Download

R. Manakadan, S. Swaminathan, J.C. Daniel & A.A. Desai
A case history of colonization in the Asian elephant: Koundinya Wildlife Sanctuary (Andhra Pradesh, India)
Gajah 33 (2010) 17-25 Abstract/Download

P.R. Manger, J. Hemingway, M. Haagensen & E. Gilissen
Cross-sectional area of the elephant corpus callosum: comparison to other eutherian mammals
Neuroscience 167 (2010) 815-824 Abstract/Download

G.J. Mason & J.S. Veasey
How should the psychological well-being of zoo elephants be objectively investigated?
Zoo Biology 29 (2010) 237-255 Abstract/Download

G.J. Mason & J.S. Veasey
What do population-level welfare indices suggest about the well-being of zoo elephants?
Zoo Biology 29 (2010) 256-273 Abstract/Download

K. Meyer, J. Hummel & M. Clauss
The relationship between forage cell wall content and voluntary food intake in mammalian herbivores
Mammal Review 40 (2010) 221-245 Abstract/Download

H.L. More, J.R. Hutchinson, D.F. Colllins, S.K.H. Aung & J.M. Donelan
Scaling of sensorimotor control in terrestrial mammals
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 277 (2010) 3563-3568 Abstract/Download

T. Murugavel
The last few minutes of an Asian elephant
Gajah 32 (2010) 45-46 Abstract/Download

I. Nath, S. Samantara & K.L. Purohit
Problems encountered during translocation of an aggressive captive Asian elephant and its successful management
Gajah 33 (2010) 65-67 Abstract/Download

Z. Min Oo
The training methods used in Myanma Timber Enterprise
Gajah 33 (2010) 58-61 Abstract/Download

U. Parkar, R.J. Traub, S. Vitali, A. Elliot, B. Levecke, I. Robertson, T. Geurdene, J. Steele, B. Drake & R.C.A. Thompson
Molecular characterization of Blastocystis isolates from zoo animals and their animal-keepers
Veterinary Parasitology 169 ( 2010) 8-17 Abstract/Download

J. Pastorini, H.G. Nishantha, H.K. Janaka, K. Isler & P. Fernando
Water body use by Asian elephants in southern Sri Lanka
Tropical Conservation Science 3 (2010) 412-422 Abstract/Download

J.M. Plotnik, F.B.M. de Waal, D. Moore III & D. Reiss
Self-recognition in the Asian elephant and future directions for cognitive research with elephants in zoological settings
Zoo Biology 29 (2010) 179-191 Abstract/Download

C. Plumb
‘Strange and wonderful’: Encountering the elephant in Britain, 1675-1830
Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies 33 (2010) 525-543 Abstract/Download

C.M. Proctor, E.W. Freeman & J.L. Brown
Results of a second survey to assess the reproductive status of female Asian and African elephants in North America
Zoo Biology 29 (2010) 127-139 Abstract/Download

L. Ren, C.E. Miller, R. Lair & J.R. Hutchinson
Integration of biomechanical compliance, leverage, and power in elephant limbs
PNAS 107 (2010) 7078–7082 Abstract/Download

H.S. Riddle, B.A. Schulte, A.A. Desai & L. van der Meer
Elephants - a conservation overview
Journal of Threatened Taxa 2 (2010) 653-661 Abstract/Download

N. Rohland, D. Reich, S. Mallick, M. Meyer, R.E. Green, N.J. Georgiadis, A.L. Roca & M. Hofreiter
Genomic DNA sequences from mastodon and woolly mammoth reveal deep speciation of forest and savanna elephants
PLosS Biology 8 (2010) e1000564 Abstract/Download

E. Rood, A.A. Ganie & V. Nijman
Using presence-only modelling to predict Asian elephant habitat use in a tropical forest landscape: implications for conservation
Diversity and Distributions 16 (2010) 975-984 Abstract/Download

M. Roy, S.P. Choudhury, P. Kamalakanth, C. Dutta, S. Kundu, S. Dasgupta, U. Bhattacharya & R. Sukumar
Translocation of a wild elephant from southern West Bengal to northern West Bengal - An approach to reduce elephant-human conflict
Gajah 33 (2010) 8-11 Abstract/Download

C. Santiapillai & B. Read
Would masking the smell of ripening paddy-fields help mitigate human–elephant conflict in Sri Lanka?
Oryx 44 (2010) 509-511 Abstract/Download

C. Santiapillai, S. Wijeyamohan, G. Bandara, R. Athurupana, N. Dissanayake & B. Read
An assessment of the human-elephant conflict in Sri Lanka
Ceylon Journal of Science (Biological Sciences) 39 (2010) 21-33 Abstract/Download

A.H.M.R. Sarker & E. Røskaft
Human attitudes towards conservation of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in Bangladesh
International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation 2 (2010) 316–327 Abstract/Download

A.H.M.R. Sarker & E. Røskaft
Human–wildlife conflicts and management options in Bangladesh, with special reference to Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management 6 (2010) 164-175 Abstract/Download

W. Schaftenaar, C. Reid, B. Martina, J. Fickel & A.D.M.E. Osterhaus
Nonfatal clinical presentation of elephant endotheliotropic herpes virus discovered in a group of captive Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 41 (2010) 626-632 Abstract/Download

R.C. Sidle & A.D. Ziegler
Elephant trail runoff and sediment dynamics in northern Thailand
Journal of Environmental Quality 39 (2010) 871-881 Abstract/Download

A.F. Sitompul, M.J. Tyson, J.P. Caroll & T. O’Brien
Crop raiding by elephants adjacent to two National Parks in Lampung Province, Sumatra, Indonesia
Gajah 33 (2010) 26-34 Abstract/Download

S. Sivilaikul, A. Jitprom, A. Kularb, K. Kornkaewrut, P. Suthanmaphinuth, S. Mahasawangkul, K. Saikhun, W. Wajjwalku & S. Thongtipsiridech
Relationship between seminal and serum calcium concentration with semen quality in the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine 40 (2010) 251-255 Abstract/Download

J.J. Stanton, J.C. Zong, E. Latimer, J. Tan, A. Herron, G.S. Hayward & P.D. Ling
Detection of pathogenic elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus in routine trunk washes from healthy adult Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) by use of a real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction assay
American Journal of Veterinary Research 71 (2010) 925-933 Abstract/Download

D. Suwattana, J. Prasupphachok, S. Kanchanapangka & W. Koykul
Tetranucleotide microsatellite markers for molecular testing in Thai domestic elephants (Elephas maximus indicus)
The Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine 40 (2010) 405-409 Abstract/Download

L.M. Tana, R. Isaza, D.E. Koch & R.P. Hunter
Pharmacokinetics and intramuscular bioavailability of a single dose of butorphanol in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 41 (2010) 418-425 Abstract/Download

M. Techakumphu, R. Rungsiwiwut, P. Numchaisrika & A. Thongphakdee
Cloned Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) embryos reconstructed from rabbit recipient oocytes
Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine 40 (2010) 63-68 Abstract/Download

S. Thapa
Effectiveness of crop protection methods against wildlife damage: A case study of two villages at Bardia National Park, Nepal
Crop Protection 29 (2010) 1297-1304 Abstract/Download

J. Theuerkauf & R. Gula
Towards standardisation of population estimates: defecation rates of elephants should be assessed using a rainfall model
Annales Zoologici Fennici 47 (2010) 398-402 Abstract/Download

C. Thitaram, C. Somgird, S. Mahasawangkul, T. Angkavanich, R. Roongsri, N. Thongtip, B. Colenbrander, F.G. van Steenbeek & J.A. Lenstra
Genetic assessment of captive elephant (Elephas maximus) populations in Thailand
Conservation Genetics 11 (2010) 325-330 Abstract/Download

N.E. Todd
New phylogenetic analysis of the family Elephantidae based on cranial-dental morphology
The Anatomical Record 293 (2010) 74-90 Abstract/Download

N.E. Todd
Qualitative comparison of the cranio-dental osteology of the extant elephants, Elephas maximus (Asian elephant) and Loxodonta africana (African elephant)
The Anatomical Record 293 (2010) 62-73 Abstract/Download

Y. Trisurat, A. Pattanavibool, G.A. Gale & D.H. Reed
Improving the viability of large-mammal populations by using habitat and landscape models to focus conservation planning
Wildlife Research 37 (2010) 401-412 Abstract/Download

V. Vanitha & N. Baskaran
Seasonal and roofing material influence on the thermoregulation by captive Asian elephants and its implications for captive elephant welfare
Gajah 33 (2010) 35-40 Abstract/Download

V. Vanitha, K. Thiyagesan & N. Baskaran
Demography of captive Asian elephants Elephas maximus Linnaeus in three management systems in Tamil Nadu, India
Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society 107 (2010) 30-37 Abstract/Download

T.N.C. Vidya & V. Thuppil
Immediate behavioural responses of humans and Asian elephants in the context of road traffic in southern India
Biological Conservation 143 (2010) 1891-1900 Abstract/Download

S. Weerakhun, Y. Wichianrat, T. Laophakdee, P. Juntako & T. Torsri
Blood glucose levels in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) of Thailand
KKU Veterinary Journal 20 (2010) 208-217 Abstract/Download English abstract. Main text in Thai!

N.M. Weissenböck, F. Schober, G. Fluch, C. Weiss, T. Paumann, C. Schwarz & W. Arnold
Reusable biotelemetric capsules: A convenient and reliable method for measuring core body temperature in large mammals during gut passage
Journal of Thermal Biology 35 (2010) 147-153 Abstract/Download

S. Wijeyamohan, B. Read & C. Santiapillai
Obtaining accurate body weights of captive elephants in Sri Lanka
Current Science 99 (2010) 1033-1035 Abstract/Download

B.C. Yates, E.O. Espinoza & B.W. Baker
Forensic species identification of elephant (Elephantidae) and giraffe (Giraffidae) tail hair using light microscopy
Forensic Science Medicine and Pathology 6 (2010) 165-171 Abstract/Download

L. Yon, B. Faulkner, S. Kanchanapangka, N. Chaiyabutr, S. Meepan & B. Lasley
A safer method for studying hormone metabolism in an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus): accelerator mass spectrometry
Zoo Biology 28 (2010) 1-7 Abstract/Download