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A pdf file of each publication can be sent to you on request ().

Pastorini J, Janaka HK, Nishantha HG, Ekanayaka SKK & Fernando P (2012) Electric fencing in human­elephant conflict mitigation. The 2nd Asia Regional Conference of the Society for Conservation Biology. Bangalore, India.p 137. Abstract only.

Ekanayaka SKK, Campos-Arceiz A, Rupasinghe M, Pastorini J & Fernando P (2011) Patterns of crop raiding by Asian elephants in a human-dominated landscape in southeastern Sri Lanka. Gajah 34: 20-25. Download pdf (537 KB)

Fernando P, Janaka HK, Ekanayaka SKK, Nishantha HG & Pastorini J (2009) A simple method for assessing elephant body condition. Gajah 31: 29-31. Download pdf (225 KB)

Campos-Arceiz, A, Ekanayaka SKK, Larrinaga AR, Weerasinghe UR, Takatsuki S, Fernando P & Santamaria L (2007) The role of endangered species in ecosystem processes: seed dispersal by Asian elephants in SE Sri Lanka. 21st Annual Meeting, Society Conservation Biology, July 2007, Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Abstract only.

Campos-Arceiz, A, Ekanayaka SKK & Takatsuki S (2006) Temporal and spatial patterns in human-elephant conflict incidents in southeastern Sri Lanka. Annual Meeting, Association Tropical Biology and Conservation, July 2006, Kunming, China. Abstract only.

Campos-Arceiz, A,Takatsuki S & Ekanayaka SKK (2006) Landscape configuration determines the occurence of human-elephant conslicts in southeastern Sri Lanka. 20th Annual Meeting, Society Conservation Biology, June 2006, San Jose, USA. Abstract only.