Publications on Asian Elephants 2021

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Landscape Ecology 36 (2021) 2059-2076 Abstract/Download

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Frontiers in Veterinary Science 8 (2021) e713663 Abstract/Download

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Conservation Science and Practice 3 (2021) e520 Abstract/Download

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An incentive-based mitigation strategy to encourage coexistence of large mammals and humans along the foothills of Indian Western Himalayas
Scientific Reports 11 (2021) e5235 Abstract/Download

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Status and distribution of Asian elephants in the Nagaon Forest Division, Assam, India
Gajah 53 (2021) 39-42 Abstract/Download

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Multiple assessments of personality and problem-solving performance in captive Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) and African savanna elephants (Loxodonta africana)
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BMC Biology 19 (2021) e121 Abstract/Download

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Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 52 (2021) 67-74 Abstract/Download

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The elephant in the family: Costs and benefits of elder siblings on younger offspring life-history trajectory in a matrilineal mammal
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Toxocara elephantis infection in a juvenile Asian elephant and its management
Gajah 54 (2021) 40-44 Abstract/Download

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Population structure and demography of Myanmar’s conflict elephants
Global Ecology and Conservation 31 (2021) e01828 Abstract/Download

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Veterinary Microbiology 252 (2021) e108927 Abstract/Download

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Conservation Letters 14 (2021) e12836 Abstract/Download

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A novel approach to combatting proboscidean ivory trafficking using a multiplex High-Resolution Melt (M-HRM) assay
Forensic Science International: Genetics 53 (2021) e102511 Abstract/Download

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Biodiversitas 22 (2021) 272-277 Abstract/Download

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Developing a non-invasive method of detecting elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus infections using faecal samples
Vet Record 190 (2021) e833 Abstract/Download

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Selective liability, regulated digital commerce, and the subversion of product trading bans: The case of elephant ivory
Human Dimensions of Wildlife 26 (2021) 245-261 Abstract/Download

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Conservation Physiology 9 (2021) coaa116 Abstract/Download

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Current Biology 31 (2021) 4727-4737 Abstract/Download

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The overlap of suitable tea plant habitat with Asian elephant (Elephus maximus) distribution in southwestern China and its potential impact on species conservation and local economy
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29 (2022) 5960-5970 Abstract/Download

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Human-elephant conflict around Pu Mat National Park, Vietnam
Gajah 54 (2021) 4-10 Abstract/Download

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Pan-India population genetics signifies the importance of habitat connectivity for wild Asian elephant conservation
Global Ecology and Conservation 32 (2021) e01888 Abstract/Download

M.P. Deepthi, P. Kathireswari. J. Rini, K. Saminathan & N. Karmegam
Vermitransformation of monogastric Elephas maximus and ruminant Bos taurus excrements into vermicompost using Eudrilus eugeniae
Bioresource Technology 320 (2021) e124302 Abstract/Download

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Molecular Ecology 30 (2021) 3299-3312 Abstract/Download

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Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 17 (2021) e262 Abstract/Download

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Patterns of serum immune biomarkers during elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus viremia in Asian and African elephants
PLoS ONE 16 (2021) e0252175 Abstract/Download

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First country-wide survey of the Endangered Asian elephant: Towards better conservation and management in Sri Lanka
Oryx 55 (2021) 46-55 Abstract/Download

P. Fernando & J. Pastorini
Whither the science in wildlife management? (Commentary)
Animal Conservation 24 (2021) 735-737

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Low-cost electric fencing for peaceful coexistence: An analysis of human-wildlife conflict mitigation strategies in smallholder agriculture
Biological Conservation 255 (2021) e108919 Abstract/Download

Adam Fish
Crash theory: Entrapments of conservation drones and endangered megafauna
Science, Technology & Human Values 46 (2021) 425-451 Abstract/Download

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PLoS ONE 16 (2021) e0260284 Abstract/Download

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Applied Animal Behaviour Science 243 (2021) e105456 Abstract/Download

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Coupled effects of climatic forcing and the human footprint on wildlife movement and space use in a dynamic floodplain landscape
Science of the Total Environment 758 (2021) e144000 Abstract/Download

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Human–wildlife interactions and people’s attitudes towards conservation: A case study from Central Kerala, India
Animal Biodiversity and Conservation 44 (2021) 139-151 Abstract/Download

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Speaking with an upside-down tongue: Reflections on human-elephant multispecies culture in northern Thailand
Gajah 53 (2021) 4-19 Abstract/Download

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Conservation Science and Practice 3 (2021) e343 Abstract/Download

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Scientific Reports 11 (2021) e12998 Abstract/Download

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Social structure and demography of a remnant Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) population and the implications for survival
Oryx 55 (2021) 473-478 Abstract/Download

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Population and distribution of wild Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in Phu Khieo Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand
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Ecography 11 (2021) 1579-1594 Abstract/Download

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Can the oil palm industry and elephant conservation be reconciled? A case study in Kalabakan, Sabah
Gajah 53 (2021) 30-38 Abstract/Download

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Persistence is key: Investigating innovative problem solving by Asian elephants using a novel multi-access box
Animal Cognition (2021) Abstract/Download

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Standing sedation with xylazine and reversal with yohimbine in juvenile Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 52 (2021) 437-444 Abstract/Download

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Frontiers in Psychology 11 (2021) e604372 Abstract/Download

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Asian elephant in Appendix I of the Convention on Migratory Species: Strengthening the ecological connectivity for trans-boundary conservation
National Academy Science Letters 44 (2021) 427-431 Abstract/Download

M.D.S.I. Karunatilaka, S. Pilapitiya & M.R. Wijesinghe
The world-renowned annual elephant gathering in Minneriya, Sri Lanka – Will it endure?
Gajah 54 (2021) 16-23 Abstract/Download

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Clinical health issues, reproductive hormones, and metabolic hormones associated with gut microbiome structure in African and Asian elephants
Animal Microbiome 3 (2021) e85 Abstract/Download

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Effects of male age and female presence on male associations in a large, polygynous mammal in southern India: The Asian elephant
Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 9 (2021) e616666 Abstract/Download

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Journal of Veterinary Medical 83 (2021) 125-129 Abstract/Download

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Patterns, perceptions, and spatial distribution of human-elephant (Elephas maximus) incidents in Nepal
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Intanon Kolasartsanee
Diversity and habitat use of terrestrial mammals in the area proposed for water resource development in Khao Soi Dao Wildlife Sanctuary, Thailand
Environment and Natural Resources Journal 19 (2021) 186-194 Abstract/Download

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Optimal management to improve quality of life for an injured baby elephant: Thailand multidisciplinary care team
Kafkas Univ Vet Fak Derg 27 (2021) 655-659 Abstract/Download

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Pheromonal enrichment in the zoo: An empirical approach with Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Applied Animal Behaviour Science 235 (2021) e105228 Abstract/Download

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Detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex antibodies in free-ranged wild boar and wild macaques in selected districts in Selangor and reevaluation of tuberculosis serodetection in captive Asian elephants in Pahang, Peninsular Malaysia
Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 83 (2021) 1702-1707 Abstract/Download

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Under pressure: How human-wild-captive elephant social-ecological system in Laos is teetering due to global forces and sociocultural changes
People and Nature 3 (2021) 1047-1063 Abstract/Download

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The Tal-Kholgarh elephant corridor in Odisha, India
Gajah 54 (2021) 37-39 Abstract/Download

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Clinical approach to colic and collapse in an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) with Salmonella saintpaul septicaemia and subsequent ileus
Vet Record Case Reports 10 (2022) e214 Abstract/Download

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Anthropogenic interferences lead to gut microbiome dysbiosis in Asian elephants and may alter adaptation processes to surrounding environments
Scientific Report 11 (2021) e741 Abstract/Download

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Retrospective anti-tetanus antibody responses of zoo-based Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) and rhinoceros (Rhinocerotidae)
Developmental & Comparative Immunology 114 (2021) e103841 Abstract/Download

R.P. Nair & E.A. Jayson
Estimation of economic loss and identifying the factors affecting the crop raiding behaviour of Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) in Nilambur part of the southern Western Ghats, Kerala, India
Current Science 121 (2021) 521-528 Abstract/Download

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Evaluation of wall-barriers to manage human conflict with Asian elephants in India
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Selling captive nature: Lively commodification, elephant encounters, and the production of value in Sumatran ecotourism, Indonesia
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Methods in Ecology and Evolution 12 (2021) 2042-2053 Abstract/Download

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Mortality patterns of Asian elephants in Odisha, eastern India
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Critical inventory of Loxodonta and Elephas (Mammalia, Proboscidea) cranial remains in the collections of the Museo Civico di Zoologia of Rome (Italy)
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Microbiology Resource Announcement 10 (2021) e00614-21 Abstract/Download

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Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 52 (2021) 749-754 Abstract/Download

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Scientific Reports 11 (2021) e14173 Abstract/Download

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Journal of Zoo and Aquarium Research 9 (2021) 8-13 Abstract/Download

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Biological Trace Element Research 199 (2021) 874-887 Abstract/Download

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The tail-tale of stress: An exploratory analysis of cortisol levels in the tail-hair of captive Asian elephants
PeerJ 9 (2021) e10445 Abstract/Download

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Epigenetic clock and methylation studies in elephants
Aging Cell 20 (2021) e13414 Abstract/Download

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The occurrence of elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus infection in wild and captive Asian elephants in Thailand: Investigation based on viral DNA and host antibody
Veterinary World 14 (2021) 545-550 Abstract/Download

J.-P. Puyravaud & P. Davidar
Wildlife managers ignore previous knowledge at great risk: The case of Rivaldo, the iconic wild Asian elephant Elephas maximus L. of the Sigur Region, Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, India
Journal of Threatened Taxa 13 (2021) 20249-52 Abstract/Download

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Sero-diagnosis of tuberculosis in elephants in Maharashtra, India
Journal of Threatened Taxa 13 (2021) 18713-18718 Abstract/Download

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Patterns and determinants of elephant attacks on humans in Nepal
Ecology and Evolution 11 (2021) 11639-50 Abstract/Download

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