Publications on Asian Elephants 2014

M. Barua
Circulating elephants: unpacking the geographies of a cosmopolitan animal
Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers 39 (2014) 559-573 Abstract/Download

M. Benadusi
Elephants never forget: Capturing nature at the border of Ruhuna National Park (Yala), Sri Lanka
Capitalism Nature Socialism 26 (2014) 77-96 Abstract/Download

R. Bhoyar, B.S. Pradeep, K. Shrikant, V.R. Kasaralikar & N.A. Patil
Schistosomiasis in Asian elephants
Gajah 40 (2014) 35-38 Abstract/Download

J. Borges-Costa & M. da Luz Martins
Trichophyton erinacei skin infection after recreational exposure to an elephant in Southeast Asia
Pathogens and Global Health (2014) 108 58-59 Abstract/Download

B. Bouchard, B. Xaymountry, N. Thongtip, P. Lertwatcharasarakul & W. Wajjwalku
First reported case of elephant endotheliotropic herpes virus infection in Laos
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 45 (2014) 704-707 Abstract/Download

S. Bracco, A. Brajkovic, A. Comotti & V. Rolandi
Characterization of elephant and mammoth ivory by solid state NMR
Periodico di Mineralogia 82 (2013) 239-250 Abstract/Download

A.P. Brock, R. Isaza, E.F. Egelund, R.P. Hunter & C.A. Peloquin
The pharmacokinetics of a single oral or rectal dose of concurrently administered isoniazid, rifampin, pyrazinamide, and ethambutol in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics 37 (2014) 472-479 Abstract/Download

K. Butler
The world marches against extinction of elephants and rhinoceros
Gajah 41 (2014) 37-38 Abstract/Download

E. Cappellini, A. Gentry, E. Palkopoulou, Y. Ishida, D. Cram, A.-M. Roos, M. Watson, U.S. Johansson, B. Fernholm, P. Agnelli, F. Barbagli, D.T.J. Littlewood, C.D. Kelstrup, J.V. Olsen, A.M. Lister, A.L. Roca, L. Dalén & M.T.P. Gilbert
Resolution of the type material of the Asian elephant, Elephas maximus Linnaeus, 1758 (Proboscidea, Elephantidae)
Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 170 (2014) 222-232 Abstract/Download

S. Chakraborty, D. Boominathan, A.A. Desai & T.N.C. Vidya
Using genetic analysis to estimate population size, sex ratio, and social organization in an Asian elephant population in conflict with humans in Alur, southern India
Conservation Genetics 15 (2014) 897-907 Abstract/Download

V.P. Chandrapuria, A.B. Shrivastava, S. Agrawal & S. Agarwal
Vaginal vestibulotomy in an Asian elephant
Gajah 40 (2014) 39-41 Abstract/Download

J.V. Cheeran
Elephants in the Bible
Gajah 41 (2014) 36 Abstract/Download

M.Y. Chew, K. Hymeir, R. Nosrat & M.A. Shahfiz
Relation between grasses and large herbivores at the Ulu Muda salt licks, Peninsular Malaysia
Journal of Tropical Forest Science 26 (2014) 554-559 Abstract/Download

A. Dastjerdi, C. Robert & M. Watson
Low coverage sequencing of two Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) genomes
GigaScience 3 (2014) e12 Abstract/Download

R.K. de Mel, D.K. Weerakoon, W.D. Ratnasooriya & A. Dangolla
A comparative haematological analysis of Asian elephants Elephas maximus Linnaeus, 1758 (Mammalia: Proboscidea: Elephantidae) managed under different captive conditions in Sri Lanka
Journal of Threatened Taxa 6 (2014) 6148-6150 Abstract/Download

S. de Silva, U.S. Weerathunga & T.V. Pushpakumara
Morphometrics and behavior of a wild Asian elephant exhibiting disproportionate dwarfism
BMC Research Notes 7 (2014) 933 Abstract/Download

M. English, M. Ancrenaz, G. Gillespie, B. Goossens, S. Nathan & W. Linklater
Foraging site recursion by forest elephants Elephas maximus borneensis
Current Zoology 60 (2014) 551-559 Abstract/Download

M. English, G. Gillespie, M. Ancrenaz, S. Ismail, B. Goossens, S. Nathan & W. Linklater
Plant selection and avoidance by the Bornean elephant (Elephas maximus borneensis) in tropical forest: does plant recovery rate after herbivory influence food choices?
Journal of Tropical Ecology 30 (2014) 371-379 Abstract/Download

M. English, G. Kaplan & L.J. Rogers
Is painting by elephants in zoos as enriching as we are led to believe?
PeerJ 2 (2014) e471 Abstract/Download

J.M. Enk, A.M. Devault, M. Kuch, Y.E. Murgha, J.-M. Rouillard & H.N. Poinar
Ancient whole genome enrichment using baits built from modern DNA
Molecular Biology and Evolution 31 (2014) 1292-1294 Abstract/Download

A. Fagen, N. Acharya & G.E. Kaufman
Positive reinforcement training for a trunk wash in Nepal's working elephants: Demonstrating alternatives to traditional elephant training techniques
Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science 17 (2014) 83-97 Abstract/Download

K. Fanson, T. Keeley, & B. Fanson
Cyclic changes in cortisol across the estrous cycle in parous and nulliparous Asian elephants
Endocrine Connections 3 (2014) 57-61 Abstract/Download

P. Fernando & A. Campos-Arceiz
Asian elephant symposium at the Society for Conservation Biology - Asia Meeting
Gajah 41 (2014) 39-40 Abstract/Download

Y. Furuse, A. Dastjerdi, K. Seilern-Moy, F. Steinbach & B.R. Cullen
Analysis of viral microRNA expression by elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus 1
Virology 454-455 (2014) 102-108 Abstract/Download

F. Galis, D.R. Carrier, J. van Alphen, S.D. van der Mije, T.J.M. Van Dooren, J.A.J. Metz & C.M.A. ten Broek
Fast running restricts evolutionary change of the vertebral column in mammals
PNAS 111 (2014) 11401-11406 Abstract/Download

A. Gentry, A.M. Lister, and A.M. Roos, M.T.P. Gilbert & E. Cappellini
The lectotype for the Asian elephant, Elephas maximus Linnaeus, 1758 (Mammalia, Proboscidea) and comments on ‘primary, secondary and tertiary syntypes’ and ‘virtual lectotype designation’
Bulletin of Zoological Nomenclature 71 (2014) 208-213 Abstract/Download

V.R. Goswami, S. Sridhara, K. Medhi, A.C. Williams, R. Chellam, J.D. Nichols & M.K. Oli
Community-managed forests and wildlife-friendly agriculture play a subsidiary but not substitutive role to protected areas for the endangered Asian elephant
Biological Conservation 177 (2014) 74-81 Abstract/Download

V.R. Goswami, D. Vasudev & M.K. Oli
The importance of conflict-induced mortality for conservation planning in areas of human–elephant co-occurrence
Biological Conservation 176 (2014) 191-198 Abstract/Download

T.N.E. Gray, T.N.C. Vidya, S. Potdar, D.K. Bharti & P. Sovanna
Population size estimation of an Asian elephant population in eastern Cambodia through non-invasive mark-recapture sampling
Conservation Genetics 15 (2014) 803-810 Abstract/Download

S. Gubbi, M.H. Swaminath, H.C. Poornesha, R. Bhat & R. Raghunath
An elephantine challenge: human–elephant conflict distribution in the largest Asian elephant population, southern India
Biodiversity and Conservation 23 (2014) 633-647 Abstract/Download

M. Gunji, A. Takai & H. Endo
Deformations of the cervical and cranial thoracic vertebrae in a bedridden Asian elephant
Japanese Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 19 (2014) 79-86 Abstract/Download

G. Gürelli & A. Ito
Intestinal ciliated protozoa of the Asian elephant Elephas maximus Linnaeus, 1758 with the description of Triplumaria izmirae n. sp.
European Journal of Protistology 50 (2014) 25-32 Abstract/Download

V. Gurusamy, A. Tribe & C.J.C. Phillips
Identification of major welfare issues for captive elephant husbandry by stakeholders
Animal Welfare 23  (2014) 11-24 Abstract/Download

A.D. Hayward, K.U. Mar, M. Lahdenperä & V. Lummaa
Early reproductive investment, senescence and lifetime reproductive success in female Asian elephants
Journal of Evolutionary Biology 27 (2014) 772-783 Abstract/Download

M. Hoedemaker
A history of elephants in the Amersfoort Zoo, Holland
Gajah 41 (2014) 25-27 Abstract/Download

N. Ilmberger, S. Güllert, J. Dannenberg, U. Rabausch, J. Torres, B. Wemheuer, M. Alawi, A. Poehlein, J. Chow, D. Turaev, T. Rattei, C. Schmeisser, J. Salomon, P.B. Olsen, R. Daniel, A. Grundhoff, M.S. Borchert & W.R. Streit
A comparative metagenome survey of the fecal microbiota of a breast- and a plant-fed Asian elephant reveals an unexpectedly high diversity of glycoside hydrolase family enzymes
PLoS ONE 9 (2014) e106707 Abstract/Download

P. Imrat, S. Mahasawangkul, C. Thitaram, P. Suthanmapinanth, K. Kornkaewrat, P. Sombutputorn, S. Jansittiwate, N. Thongtip, A. Pinyopummin, B. Colenbrander, W.V. Holt & T.A.E. Stout
Effect of alternate day collection on semen quality of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) with poor initial fresh semen quality
Animal Reproduction Science 147 (2014) 154-160 Abstract/Download

M. Isaka, S. Palasarn, S. Komwijit, S. Somrithipol & S. Sommai
Pleosporin A, an antimalarial cyclodepsipeptide from an elephant dung fungus (BCC 7069)
Tetrahedron Letters 55 (2014) 469-471 Abstract/Download

R. Isaza, E. Wiedner, S. Hiser & C. Cray
Reference intervals for acute phase protein and serum protein electrophoresis values in captive Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 26 (2014) 616–621 Abstract/Download

A. Ito, M. Ishihara, & S. Imai
Bozasella gracilis n. sp. (Ciliophora, Entodiniomorphida) from Asian elephant and phylogenetic analysis of entodiniomorphids and vestibuliferids
European Journal of Protistology 50 (2014) 134-152 Abstract/Download

J. Jayewardene
Illegal captures - A serious threat to Asian elephants
Gajah 40 (2014) 1-2 Abstract/Download

R.-D. Kahlke
The origin of Eurasian mammoth faunas (Mammuthus–Coelodonta faunal complex)
Quaternary Science Reviews 96 (2014) 32-49 Abstract/Download

J. Kajaysri & W. Nokkaew
Assessment of pregnancy status of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) by measurement of progestagen and glucocorticoid and their metabolite concentrations in serum and feces, using enzyme immunoassay (EIA)
Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 76 (2014) 363-368 Abstract/Download

A. Kanagavel, R. Raghavan & D. Veríssimo
Beyond the “general public”: Implications of audience characteristics for promoting species conservation in the Western Ghats hotspot, India
AMBIO 43 (2014) 138-148 Abstract/Download

R. Kansky & A.T. Knight
Key factors driving attitudes towards large mammals in conflict with humans
Biological Conservation 179 (2014) 93-105 Abstract/Download

S. Katole, A. Das, N. Agarwal, B. Prakash, S.K. Saha, M. Saini & A.K. Sharma
Influence of work on nutrient utilisation in semicaptive Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Journal of Applied Animal Research 42 (2014) Abstract/Download

K. Krishnan & S. Braude
The effect of visitor group size on stereotypic behaviour and use of available space by captive Asian elephants
Gajah 41 (2014) 3-11 Abstract/Download

V. Kumar, V. Reddy, A. Kokkiligadda, S. Shivaji & G. Umapathy
Non-invasive assessment of reproductive status and stress in captive Asian elephants in three south Indian zoos
General and Comparative Endocrinology 201 (2014) 37–44 Abstract/Download

M. Lahdenperä, K. U Mar & V. Lummaa
Reproductive cessation and post-reproductive lifespan in Asian elephants and pre-industrial humans
Frontiers in Zoology 11 (2014) e54 Abstract/Download

J.A. Landolfi, M. Miller, C. Maddox, F. Zuckermann & K.A. Terioa
Differences in immune cell function between tuberculosis positive and negative Asian elephants
Tuberculosis 94 (2014) 374-382 Abstract/Download

P. Locke
The anomalous elephant: Terminological dilemmas and the incalcitrant domestication debate
Gajah 41 (2014) 12-19 Abstract/Download

J. Louys, R.T. Corlett, G.J. Price, S. Hawkins & P.J. Piper
Rewilding the tropics, and other conservation translocations strategies in the tropical Asia-Pacific region
Ecology and Evolution 4 (2014) 4380-4398 Abstract/Download

I. Lueders, T.B. Hildebrandt, C. Gray, S. Botha, P. Rich & C. Niemuller
Supression of testicular function in a male Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) treated with gonadotropin-releasing hormone vaccines
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 45 (2014) 611-619 Abstract/Download

S. Mariati, H. Kusnoputranto, J. Supriatna & R.H. Koestoer
Habitat loss of Sumatran elephants (Elephas maximus sumatranus) in Tesso Nilo Forest, Riau, Indonesia
Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences 8 (2014) 248-25 Abstract/Download

J.L. McGee, E. Wiedner & R. Isaza
Prenatal passive transfer of Mycobacterium tuberculosis antibodies in Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) calves
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 45 (2014) 955-957 Abstract/Download

S.Y. Moon-van der Staay, G.W.M. van der Staay, T. Michalowski, J.-P. Jouany, P. Pristas, P. Javorský, S. Kišidayová, Z. Varadyova, N.R. McEwan, C.J. Newbold, T. van Alen, R. de Graaf, M. Schmid, M.A. Huynen & J.H.P. Hackstein
The symbiotic intestinal ciliates and the evolution of their hosts
European Journal of Protistology 50 (2014) 166-173 Abstract/Download

V. Nijman & C.R. Shepherd
Emergence of Mong La on the Myanmar–China border as a global hub for the international trade in ivory and elephant parts
Biological Conservation 179 (2014) 17-22 Abstract/Download

Z.M. Oo, Y.H. Aung & W. Tun
Second Regional Asian Elephant Veterinary Workshop in Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar
Gajah 40 (2014) 42-43 Abstract/Download

N.C. Palei, H.S. Palei, B.P. Ratha & C.S. Kara
Mortality of the endangered Asian elephant Elephas maximus by electrocution in Odisha, India
Oryx 48 (2014) 602-604 Abstract/Download

A. Parameswaran
Zooësis and ‘becoming with’ in India: The ‘figure’ of elephant in Sahyande Makan: The elephant project
Theatre Research International 39 (2014) 5-19 Abstract/Download

M.D. Patil
Final destination: Range expansion and behaviour of Asian elephants in northern Western Ghats, India
Gajah 41 (2014) 32-35 Abstract/Download

S. Paudel, S.K. Mikota, C. Nakajima, K.P. Gairhe, B. Maharjan, J. Thapa, A. Poudel, M. Shimozuru, Y. Suzuki & T. Tsubot
Molecular characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from elephants of Nepal
Tuberculosis 94 (2014) 287-292 Abstract/Download

P.E. Pellett
Trunkloads of viruses
Journal of Virology 88 (2014) 13520-13522 Abstract/Download

B.V.P. Perera, M.A. Salgadu, G.S.P. de S. Gunawardena, N.H. Smith & H.R.N. Jinadasa
First confirmed case of fatal tuberculosis in a wild Sri Lankan elephant
Gajah 41 (2014) 28-31 Abstract/Download

K.A. Phair, M. Sutherland-Smith, G.W. Pye, A.P. Pessier & T.L. Clippinger
Esophageal dissection and hematoma associated with obstruction in an Indian elephant (Elephas maximus indicus)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 45 (2014) 423-427 Abstract/Download

J.M. Plotnik & F.B.M. de Waal
Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) reassure others in distress
PeerJ 2 (2014) e278 Abstract/Download

J.M. Plotnik, R.C. Shaw, D.L. Brubaker, L.N. Tiller & N.S. Clayton
Thinking with their trunks: elephants use smell but not sound to locate food and exclude nonrewarding alternatives
Animal Behaviour 88 (2014) 91-98 Abstract/Download

J.C.L. Prabu, S. Saravanan & H.M. Krishnan
Management of captive Asian elephants in Kozhikamuthi Elephant Camp, Topslip, Anamalai Tiger Reserve, Southern India
Gajah 40 (2014) 31-34 Abstract/Download

S. Qasim, A.N. Khan & M. Qasim
A comparative study of conservation strategies of two selected national parks from Pakistan & Thailand: Lessons learned from each other 
Journal of Managerial Sciences 8 (2014) 61-75 Abstract/Download

U. Rabausch, N. Ilmberger & W.R. Streit
The metagenome-derived enzyme RhaB opens a new subclass of bacterial B type α-l-rhamnosidases
Journal of Biotechnology 191 (2014) 38-45 Abstract/Download

L.K. Richman, J.-C. Zong, E.M. Latimer, J. Lock, R.C. Fleischer, S.Y. Heaggans & G.S. Hayward
Elephant endotheliotropic herpesviruses EEHV1A, EEHV1B, and EEHV2 from cases of hemorrhagic disease are highly diverged from other mMammalian herpesviruses and may form a new subfamily
Journal of Virology 88 (2014) 13523-13546 Abstract/Download

S. Romain, T. Angkawanish, P. Bampenpol, P. Pongsopawijit, P. Sombatphuthorn, R. Nomsiri & A. Silva-Fletcher
Diet composition, food intake, apparent digestibility, and body condition score of the captive Asian elephant (Elephas maximus): A pilot study in two collections in Thailand
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 45 (2014) 1-14 Abstract/Download

M. Roy & S. Chowdhury
Foraging ecology of the Asian elephant in northern West Bengal
Gajah 40 (2014) 18-25 Abstract/Download

A. Rübel
Kaeng Krachan Elephant Park at Zoo Zürich
Gajah 40 (2014) 44-45 Abstract/Download

S. Sapkota, A. Aryal, S.R. Baral, M.W. Hayward & D. Raubenheimer
Economic analysis of electric fencing for mitigating human-wildlife conflict in Nepal
Journal of Resources and Ecology 5 (2014) 237-243 Abstract/Download

A.F. Saripan & A. Reungsang
Simultaneous saccharification and fermentation of cellulose for bio-hydrogen production by anaerobic mixed cultures in elephant dung
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 39 (2014) 9028-9035 Abstract/Download

A.H.M.R. Sarker & E. Røskaft
Perceptions of farmers in Bangladesh to Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Environment and Natural Resources Research 4 (2014) 23-38 Abstract/Download

K.G. Sheshadri
Seasonal behaviour and treatments of elephants in ancient India
Gajah 41 (2014) 20-24 Abstract/Download

S. de Silva
The Elephant Attribute Recording System (EARS): A tool for individual-based research on Asian elephants
Gajah 40 (2014) 46 Abstract/Download

J.J. Stanton, S.A. Nofs, A. Zachariah, N. Kalaivannan & P.D. Ling
Detection of endotheliotropic herpesvirus infection among healthy Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in South India
Journal of Wildlife Diseases 50 (2014) 279-287 Abstract/Download

A.S. Stoeger & P. Manger
Vocal learning in elephants: neural bases and adaptive context
Current Opinion in Neurobiology 28 (2014) 101-107 Abstract/Download

S.J. Sugumar & R. Jayaparvathy
An improved real time image detection system for elephant intrusion along the forest border areas
The Scientific World Journal 2014 (2014) 393958 Abstract/Download

R. Sukumar
Appreciation: Charles Santiapillai (1944-2014)
Gajah 41 (2014) 41-42 Abstract/Download

I.C. Suter, G.P. Maurer & G. Baxter
Population viability of captive Asian elephants in the Lao PDR
Endangered Species Research 24 (2014) 1-7 Abstract/Download

U.L. Thaufeek, U.K.G.K. Padmalal & P. Fernando
Land use and human-elephant conflict in the Sigiriya Sanctuary, Sri Lank
Gajah 40 (2014) 26-30 Abstract/Download

A.A.E. van der Geer, G.A. Lyras, L.W. van den Hoek Ostende, Vos & H. Drinia
A dwarf elephant and a rock mouse on Naxos (Cyclades, Greece) with a revision of the palaeozoogeography of the Cycladic Islands (Greece) during the Pleistocene
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 404 (2014) 133-144 Abstract/Download

T.N.C. Vidya
Novel behaviour shown by an Asian elephant in the context of allomothering
Acta Ethologica 17 (2014) 123-127 Abstract/Download

G.S. Wilkie, A.J. Davison, K. Kerr, M.F. Stidworthy, S. Redrobe, F. Steinbach, A. Dastjerdi & D. Denk
First Fatality associated with elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus 5 in an Asian elephant: Pathological findings and complete viral genome sequence
Scientific Reports 4 (2014) e6299 Abstract/Download

G. Wilson, M.A.M. Gruber & P.J. Lester
Foraging relationships between elephants and Lantana camara invasion in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, India
Biotropica 46 (2014) 194-201 Abstract/Download

J.-C. Zong, E.M. Latimer, S.Y. Long, L.K. Richman, S.Y. Heaggans & G.S. Haywarda
Comparative genome analysis of four elephant endotheliotropic herpesviruses, EEHV3, EEHV4, EEHV5, and EEHV6, from cases of hemorrhagic disease or viremia
Journal of Virology 88 (2014) 13547–13569 Abstract/Download

T.N.C. Vidya, D. Prasad & A. Ghosh
Individual identification in Asian elephants
Gajah 40 (2014) 3-17 Abstract/Download