Publications on Asian Elephants 2013

F.N. Abbondanza, M.L. Power, M.A. Dickson, J. Brown & O.T. Oftedal
Variation in the composition of milk of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) throughout lactation
Zoo Biology 32 (2013) 291-298 Abstract/Download

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Transboundary and Emerging Diseases 60 (Suppl. 1) (2013) 53-59 Abstract/Download

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Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 44 (2013) 136-143 Abstract/Download

N.N. Barman, A.J. Nath & B. Sarma
Bacterial infection, antibiogram and wound treatment in domesticated Asian elephants
Gajah 39 (2013) 40-43 Abstract/Download

R.F.W. Barnes
Does moonlight affect Asian elephants?
Gajah 38 (2013) 6-7 Abstract/Download

N. Baskaran, G. Kannan, U. Anbarasan, A. Thapa & R. Sukumar
A landscape-level assessment of Asian elephant habitat, its population and elephant–human conflict in the Anamalai hill ranges of southern Western Ghats, India
Mammalian Biology 78 (2013) 470-481 Abstract/Download

N. Baskaran
An overview of Asian elephants in the Western Ghats, southern India: implications for the conservation of Western Ghats ecology
Journal of Threatened Taxa 5 (2013) 4854–4870 Abstract/Download

N. Baskaran & A.A. Desai
Frugivory and seed dispersal by the Asian elephant Elephas maximus in the tropical forests of Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, southern India
Journal of Threatened Taxa 5 (2013) 4893-4897 Abstract/Download

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Characterization of elephant and mammoth ivory by solid state NMR
Periodico di Mineralogia 82 (2013) 239-250 Abstract/Download

K. Buranaamnuay, S. Mahasawangkul & K. Saikhuna
The in vitro quality of frozen-thawed Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) spermatozoa in semen supplemented with Equex STM paste and oxytocin during and after cryopreservation
Reproductive Biology 13 (2013) 169–171 Abstract/Download

A. Campos-Arceiz
The dangerous myth of the noble beast
Gajah 38 (2013) 5 Abstract/Download

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An epidemiological approach to welfare research in zoos: The elephant welfare project
Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science 16 (2013) 319-337 Abstract/Download

K. Chakraborty & J. Mondal
Perceptions and patterns of human–elephant conflict at Barjora block of Bankura district in West Bengal, India: insights for mitigation and management
Environment, Development and Sustainability 15 (2013) 547-565 Abstract/Download

J.V. Cheeran
Elephantology in Sanskrit
Gajah 39 (2013) 24-29 Abstract/Download

K. Chelliah, H. Bukka & R. Sukumar
Modeling harvest rates and numbers from age and sex ratios: A demonstration for elephant populations
Biological Conservation 165 (2013) 54–61 Abstract/Download

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The role of tusks, musth and body size in male–male competition among Asian elephants, Elephas maximus
Animal Behaviour 86 (2013) 1207-1214 Abstract/Download

S. Chen, Z.-F. Yi, A. Campos-Arceiz, M.-Y. Chen & E.L. Webb
Developing a spatially-explicit, sustainable and risk-based insurance scheme to mitigate human–wildlife conflict
Biological Conservation 168 (2013) 31-39 Abstract/Download

S. Debata, R. Badola, H.K. Sahu, S. Rout & R.K. Mishra
Land sharing patterns of Asian elephants with humans in the Hadgarh-Kuldiha elephant corridor, Odisha, India
Gajah 39 (2013) 30-33 Abstract/Download

R.K. de Mel, D.K. Weerakoon & W.D. Ratnasooriya
A comparison of stereotypic behaviour in Asian elephants at three different institutions in Sri Lanka
Gajah 38 (2013) 25-29 Abstract/Download

S. de Silva, C.E. Webber, U.S. Weerathunga, T.V. Pushpakumara, D.K. Weerakoon & G. Wittemyer
Demographic variables for wild Asian elephants using longitudinal observations
PLoS ONE 8 (2013) e82788 Abstract/Download

R. Duffy
The international political economy of tourism and the neoliberalisation of nature: Challenges posed by selling close interactions with animals
Review of International Political Economy 20 (2013) 605-626 Abstract/Download

R.C. Dunkin, D. Wilson, N. Way, K. Johnson & T.M. Williams
Climate influences thermal balance and water use in African and Asian elephants: physiology can predict drivers of elephant distribution
The Journal of Experimental Biology 216 (2013) 2939-2952 Abstract/Download

K.V. Fanson, M. Lynch, L. Vogelnest, G. Miller & T. Keeley
Response to long-distance relocation in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus): monitoring adrenocortical activity via serum, urine, and feces
European Journal of Wildlife Research 59 (2013) 655-664 Abstract/Download

M. Feldman, R. Isaza, C. Prins & J. Hernandez
Point prevalence and incidence of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex in captive elephants in the United States of America
Veterinary Quarterly 33 (2013) 25-29 Abstract/Download

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An elephantine viral problem
Nature Reviews Microbiology 11 (2013) 512 Abstract/Download

L. García Sanjuán, M. Luciañez Triviño, T.X. Schuhmacher, D. Wheatley & A. Banerjee
Ivory craftsmanship, trade and social significance in the southern Iberian Copper Age: The evidence from the PP4-Montelirio sector of Valencina de la Concepción (Seville, Spain)
European Journal of Archaeology 16 (2013) 610-635 Abstract/Download

R. Ghodbane & M. Drancourt
Non-human sources of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Tuberculosis 93 (2013) 589-595 Abstract/Download

R. Ghosal, A. Ganswindt, P.B. Seshagiri & R. Sukumar
Endocrine correlates of musth in free-ranging Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) determined by non-invasive faecal steroid hormone metabolite measurements
PLoS ONE 8 (2013) e84787 Abstract/Download

Ž. Grabarevi?, A.G. Kurilj, M. Hohšteter, B. Artukovi?, A. Hinke-Bruckmann, P. Džaja, Z. Hutinec, S. Seiwerth & I. Bata
Eccrine carcinoma in the foot of an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 44 (2013) 1049-1054 Abstract/Download

S. Hambrecht & S. Reichler
Group dynamics of young Asian elephant bulls (Elephas maximus Linnaeus, 1758) in Heidelberg Zoo – Integration of a newcomer in an established herd
Der Zoologische Garten 82 (2013) 267-292 Abstract/Download

M. Haspeslagh, J.M.G. Stevens, E. De Groot, J. Dewulf, I.D. Kalmar & C.P.H. Moons
A survey of foot problems, stereotypic behaviour and floor type in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in European zoos
Animal Welfare 22 (2013) 437-443 Abstract/Download

R. Hazarika & Anup Saikia
The pachyderm and the pixel: an assessment of elephant habitat suitability in Sonitpur, India
International Journal of Remote Sensing 34 (2013) 5317-5330 Abstract/Download

S. Hedges, A. Johnson, M. Ahlering, M. Tyson, L.S. Eggert, B. Ibler & R. Pankow
Accuracy, precision, and cost-effectiveness of conventional dung density and fecal DNA based survey methods to estimate Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) population size and structure
Biological Conservation 159 (2013) 101–108 Abstract/Download

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Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) may demonstrate stable personalities
International Journal of Comparative Psychology 26 (2013) 233-240 Abstract/Download

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First parasitological survey of endangered Bornean elephants Elephas maximus borneensis
Endangered Species Research 21 (2013) 223-230 Abstract/Download

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Effect of pre-freeze semen quality, extender and cryoprotectant on the post-thaw quality of Asian elephant (Elephas maximus indicus) semen
Cryobiology 66 (2013) 52-59 Abstract/Download

P.S. Jothish
Frugivory and seed dispersal of woody species by the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) in a mid-elevation tropical evergreen forest in India
Journal of Tropical Ecology 29 (2013) 181-185 Abstract/Download

K. Khounboline
Patrolling and law enforcement for elephant management in Nam Pouy National Protected Area, Xayabouly Province, Lao PDR
Gajah 38 (2013) 37-38 Abstract/Download

W.K. Kiso, V. Selvaraj, J. Nagashima, A. Asano, J.L. Brown, D.L. Schmitt, J. Leszyk, A.J. Travis & B.S. Pukazhenthi
Lactotransferrin in Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) seminal plasma correlates with semen quality
PLoS ONE 8 (2013) e71033 Abstract/Download

T. Kitpipit, P. Thanakiatkrai & W. Chotigeat
Direct PCR-FINS: Wildlife species identification without DNA extraction
Forensic Science International: Genetics Supplement Series 4 (2013) 364–365 Abstract/Download

E. Lee, Y. Lee, S. Moon, N. Kim, S. Kim, M. Yang, D. Choi & M. Han
The identification of elephant ivory evidences of illegal trade with mitochondrial cytochrome b gene and hypervariable D-loop region
Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine 20 (2013) 174-178 Abstract/Download

Y. Li, X. Deng, M. Cao, Y. Lei & Y. Xia
Soil restoration potential with corridor replanting engineering in the monoculture rubber plantations of Southwest China
Ecological Engineering 51 (2013) 169-177 Abstract/Download

P.D. Ling, J.G. Reid, X. Qin, D.M. Muzny, R. Gibbs, J. Petrosino, R.S. Peng, J.-C. Zong, S.Y. Heaggans, & G.S. Hayward
Complete genome sequence of elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus 1A
Genome Announcements 1 (2013) e00106-13 Abstract/Download

A.M. Lister, W. Dirks, A. Assaf, M. Chazan, P. Goldberg, Y.H. Applbaum, N. Greenbaum & L.K. Horwitz
New fossil remains of Elephas from the southern Levant: Implications for the evolutionary history of the Asian elephant
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 386 (2013) 119-130 Abstract/Download

R.K. Mandal & K.K. Khadka
Health status of captive Asian Elephants in Chitwan National Park, Nepal
Gajah 39 (2013) 37-39 Abstract/Download

K.U. Mar
Birth sex ratio and determinants of fecundity in female timber elephants of Myanmar
Gajah 38 (2013) 8-18 Abstract/Download

E. Martin, C. Martin & L. Vigne
The decline in carving African and Asian elephant tusks in Nepal and the decrease in ivory items for retail sale in Kathmandu
Pachyderm 54 (2013) 52-58 Abstract/Download

P. Mehta & J. Kulkarni
Past, present and future of wild elephants in Maharashtra, India
Gajah 39 (2013) 3-11 Abstract/Download

M. Miller & F. Olea-Popelka
One Health in the shrinking world: Experiences with tuberculosis at the human–livestock–wildlife interface
Comparative Immunology, Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 36 (2013) 263-268 Abstract/Download

S. Mitra
Human-elephant conflict due to movement of elephants between India and Nepal and WWF-India initiatives to address it
Gajah 38 (2013) 33-36 Abstract/Download

K.K. Mohapatra, A.K. Patra & D.S. Paramanik
Food and feeding behaviour of Asiatic elephant (Elephas maximus Linn.) in Kuldiha Wild Life Sanctuary, Odisha, India
Journal of Environmental Biology 34 (2013) 87-92 Abstract/Download

C. Mumby, T. Bouts, L. Sambrook, S. Danika, E. Rees, A. Parry, M. Rendle, N. Masters & R. Weller
Validation of a new radiographic protocol for Asian elephant feet and description of their radiographic anatomy
Veterinary Record 173 (2013) 318 Abstract/Download

H.S. Mumby, A. Courtiol, K.U. Mar & V. Lummaa
Birth seasonality and calf mortality in a large population of Asian elephants
Ecology and Evolution 3 (2013) 3794-3803 Abstract/Download

H.S. Mumby, A. Courtiol, K.U. Mar & V. Lummaa
Climatic variation and age-specific survival in Asian elephants from Myanmar
Ecology 94 (2013) 1131–1141 Abstract/Download

N.K. Nath, S.K. Dutta, J.P. Das & B.P. Lahkar
Human-elephant interaction in villages around Manas National Park, Assam, India
Gajah 39 (2013) 12-18 Abstract/Download

F. Nocete, J.M. Vargas, T.X. Schuhmacher, A. Banerjee & W. Dindorf
The ivory workshop of Valencina de la Concepción (Seville, Spain) and the identification of ivory from Asian elephant on the Iberian Peninsula in the first half of the 3rd millennium BC
Journal of Archaeological Science 40 (2013) 1579–1592 Abstract/Download

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Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 153 (2013) 308-311 Abstract/Download

S. Nummela, H. Pihlström, K. Puolamäki, M. Fortelius, S. Hemilä & T. Reuter
Exploring the mammalian sensory space: co-operations and trade-offs among senses
Journal of Comparative Physiology A 199 (2013) 1077-1092 Abstract/Download

J. K. O’Brien, K.J. Steinman, G.A. Montano, C.C. Love, R.L. Saiers & T.R. Robeck
Characteristics of high-quality Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) ejaculates and in vitro sperm quality after prolonged chilled storage and directional freezing
Reproduction, Fertility and Development 25 (2013) 790-797 Abstract/Download

J.K. O’Brien, K.J. Steinman, G.A. Montano, C.C. Love & T.R. Robeck
Sperm DNA fragmentation and morphological degeneration in chilled elephant (Elephas maximus and Loxodonta Africana) semen collected by transrectal massage
Andrology 1 (2013) 387-400 Abstract/Download

B.L. Ong, Y.F. Ngeow, M.F. Razak, Y. Yakubu, Z. Zakaria, A.R. Mutalib, L. Hassan, H.F. Ng & K. Verasahib
Tuberculosis in captive Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in Peninsular Malaysia
Epidemiology & Infection 141 (2013) 1481–1487 Abstract/Download

N. Othman, P. Fernando, K. Yoganand, M. Ancrenaz, R.J. Alfred, S. Nathan & B. Goossens
Elephant conservation and mitigation of human-elephant conflict in Government of Malaysia-UNDP multiple-use forest landscapes project area in Sabah
Gajah 39 (2013) 19-23 Abstract/Download

N.C. Palei, B.P. Rath & C.S. Kar
Death of Asian elephants due to railway accidents in Odisha, India
Gajah 38 (2013) 39-41 Abstract/Download

N.C. Palei, B.P. Rath & C.S. Kar
Human-elephant conflict in Sambalpur Elephant Reserve, Odisha, India
Gajah 39 (2013) 34-36 Abstract/Download

J. Payne & G. Davies
Conservation of rain forest mammals in Sabah: long term perspectives
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Visual cues given by humans are not sufficient for Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) to find hidden food
PLOS ONE 8 (2013) e61174 Abstract/Download

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Morphology and surface topography of the schistosome Bivitellobilharzia nairi from the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus maximus) in Sri Lanka
Journal of Helminthology 87 (2013) 348–355 Abstract/Download

A. Rattanawannee, O. Duangpukdee & P. Poolprasert
Insect diversity during different stages of Asiatic elephant dung deterioration in eastern Thailand
Kasetsart Journal (Natural Science) 47 (2013) 387-397 Abstract/Download

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Olfactory discrimination ability of Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) for structurally related odorants
Chemical Senses 38 (2013) 107-118 Abstract/Download

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Heat storage in Asian elephants during submaximal exercise: behavioral regulation of thermoregulatory constraints on activity in endothermic gigantotherms
The Journal of Experimental Biology 216 (2013) 1774-1785 Abstract/Download

A. Rübel
Elephant conservation challenges
Gajah 38 (2013) 1-2 Abstract/Download

S. Sadhu, P.K. Ghosh, T.K. De, T.K. Maiti
Optimization of cultural condition and synergistic effect of lactose with Carboxymethyl cellulose on cellulase production by Bacillus sp. isolated from fecal matter of elephant (Elephas maximus)
Advances in Microbiology 3 (2013) 280-288 Abstract/Download

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Local knowledge suggests significant wildlife decline and forest loss in insurgent affected Similipal Tiger Reserve, India
Tropical Conservation Science 6 (2013) 230-240 Abstract/Download

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The first national survey of elephants in Sri Lanka
Current Science 105 (2013) 153-154 Abstract/Download

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Fluorine determination in different types of ivory by PIGE technique
Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 298 (2013) 311-315 Abstract/Download

W. Schaftenaar
Delayed postpartum fetotomy in an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 44 (2013) 130-135 Abstract/Download

N. Sekar & R. Sukumar
Waiting for Gajah: an elephant mutualist's contingency plan for an endangered megafaunal disperser
Journal of Ecology 101 (2013) 1379-1388 Abstract/Download

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Macroanatomy of the bones of pelvis and hind limb of an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
International Journal of Morphology 31 (2013) 1473-1478 Abstract/Download

K.P. Shri, C. Gunasekaran , M. Salahudeen , A. Asaikkutti & A.A. Deepa
Assessment of response of elephants to beehives placed in a paddy field
Gajah 38 (2013) 42-43 Abstract/Download

A. Sitompul
Sustainability of Asian elephant conservation: Linking conservation and sustainable development
Gajah 39 (2013) 1-2 Abstract/Download

A.F. Sitompul, C.R. Griffin & T.K. Fuller
Diurnal activity and food choice of free-foraging captive elephants at the Seblat Elephant Conservation Center, Sumatra, Indonesia
Gajah 38 (2013) 19-24 Abstract/Download

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Sumatran elephant ranging behavior in a fragmented rainforest landscape
International Journal of Biodiversity and Conservation 5 (2013) 66-72 Abstract/Download

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Spatial and temporal habitat use of an Asian elephant in Sumatra
Animals 3 (2013) 670-679 Abstract/Download

S. Sripiboon, P. Tankaew, G. Lungka & C. Thitaram
The occurrence of elephant endotheliotropic herpesivrus in captive Asian elephants (Elephas maximus): First case of EEHV4 in Asia
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 44 (2013) 100-104 Abstract/Download

J.J. Stanton, C. Cray, M. Rodriguez, K.L. Arheart, P.D. Ling & A. Herron
Acute phase protein expression during elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus-1 viremia in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 44 (2013) 605-612 Abstract/Download

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Kinetics of viral loads and genotypic analysis of elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus-1 infection in captive Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 44 (2013) 42-54 Abstract/Download

N. Stephens, L. Vogelnest, C. Lowbridge, A. Christensen, G.B. Marks, V. Sintchenko & J. McAnulty
Transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis from an Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) to a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) and humans in an Australian zoo
Epidemiology and Infection 141 (2013) 1488-1497 Abstract/Download

N. Sthitmatee, T. Warinrak & W. Wongkalasin
Susceptibility of Clostridium difficile isolated from healthy captive Asian elephants to metronidazole and vancomycin
Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine 43 (2013) 313-316 Abstract/Download

S.J. Sugumar & R. Jayaparvathy
An early warning system for elephant intrusion along the forest border areas
Current Science 104 (2013) 1515-1526 Abstract/Download

S.J. Sugumar & R. Jayaparvathy
Design of a quadruped robot for human–elephant conflict mitigation
Artificial Life and Robotics 18 (2013) 204-211 Abstract/Download

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Changes in elephant ownership and employment in the Lao PDR: Implications for the elephant-based logging and tourism industries
Human Dimensions of Wildlife 18 (2013) 279-291 Abstract/Download

D. Swain & B.K. Behura
Censusing Asian elephants by dung density count in Mayurbhanj Elephant Reserve of Odisha, India
The Indian Forester 139 (2013) 866-871 Abstract/Download

C. Theivarasu & S. Chandra
Adsorption performance of activated carbon prepared from elephant (Elephas maximus) dung for the removal of Reactive Yellow 15 from aqueous solution
Desalination and Water Treatment 51 (2013) 7639-7654 Abstract/Download

N. Thongtip, B. Lorsanyaluck, M. Sukmak, S. Chaichanathong, N. Thengchaisri, P. Sunyathitiseree & W. Wajjwalku
Surgical removal of urethral and bladder stones in female Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) by episiotomy and urethrotomy
Thai Journal of Veterinary Medicine 43 (2013) 375-382 Abstract/Download

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Wild Asian elephants distinguish aggressive tiger and leopard growls according to perceived danger
Biology Letters 9 (2013) 20130518 Abstract/Download

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Effect of calcium and cholecalciferol supplementation on several parameters of calcium status in plasma and urine of captive Asian (Elephas maxiumus) and African elephants (Loxodanta africana)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 44 (2013) 529-540 Abstract/Download

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Hunting practices of an Indo-Tibetan Buddhist tribe in Arunachal Pradesh, north-east India
Oryx 47 (2013) 389–392 Abstract/Download

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Disproportionate dwarfism in a wild Asian elephant
Gajah 38 (2013) 30-32 Abstract/Download

G.S. Wilkie, A.J. Davison, M. Watson, K. Kerr, S. Sanderson, T. Bouts, F. Steinbach & A. Dastjerdi
Complete genome sequences of elephant endotheliotropic herpesviruses 1A and 1B determined directly from fatal cases
Journal of Virology 87 (2013) 6700-6712 Abstract/Download

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The influence of the invasive weed Lantana camara on elephant habitat use in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve, southern India
Journal of Tropical Ecology 29 (2013) 199-207 Abstract/Download

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Personality assessment and its association with genetic factors in captive Asian and African elephants
Zoo Biology 32 (2013) 70-78 Abstract/Download

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Fatal herpesvirus hemorrhagic disease in wild and orphan Asian elephants in southern India
Journal of Wildlife Diseases 49 (2013) 381-393 Abstract/Download