Publications on Asian Elephants 2009

T. Angkawanish, K. Boonprasert, P. Homkong, P. Sombutputorn, S. Mahasawangkul, S. Jansittiwate, T. Keratimanochaya & B. Clausen
Elephant health status in Thailand: The role of mobile elephant clinic and elephant hospital
Gajah 31 (2009) 15-20 Abstract/Download

R.F.W. Barnes
The analysis of data from studies of crop-raiding
Gajah 30 (2009) 19-23 Abstract/Download

S.L. Bartlett, N. Abou-Madi, M.S. Kraus, E.B. Wiedner, S.R. Starkey & G.V. Kollias
Electrocardiography of the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 40 (2009) 466-473 Abstract/Download

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Germany/Australia index of sperm sex sortability in elephants and rhinoceros
Reproduction in Domestic Animals 44 (2009) 273-277 Abstract/Download

A. Benz, W. Zenker, T.B. Hildebrandt, G. Weissengruber, K. Eulenberger & H. Geyer
Microscopic morphology of the elephant's hoof
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 40 (2009) 711-725 Abstract/Download

M.F. Bertelsen, M. Kjelgaard-Hansen, C. Grondahl, P.M.H. Heegaard & S. Jacobsen
Identification of acute phase proteins and assays applicable in nondomesticated mammals
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 40 (2009) 199-203 Abstract/Download

R.W. Byrne, L.A. Bates, & C.J. Moss
Elephant cognition in primate perspective
Comparative Cognition & Behavior Reviews 4 (2009) 65-79 Abstract/Download

A. Campos-Arceiz
Shit happens (to be useful)! Use of elephant dung as habitat by amphibians
Biotropica 41 (2009) 406–407 Abstract/Download

A. Campos-Arceiz, S. Takatsuki, S.K.K. Ekanayaka & T. Hasegawa
The human-elephant conflict in Southeastern Sri Lanka: Type of damage, seasonal patterns, and sexual differences in the raiding behavior of elephants
Gajah 31 (2009) 5-14 Abstract/Download

M. Chaiklin
Ivory in early modern Ceylon: A case study in what documents don’t reveal
International Journal of Asian Studies 6 (2009) 37-63 Abstract/Download

R. Chandrajith, E. Kudavidanage, H.J. Tobschall & C.B. Dissanayake
Geochemical and mineralogical characteristics of elephant geophagic soils in Udawalawe National Park, Sri Lanka
Environmental Geochemistry Health 31 (2009) 391–400 Abstract/Download

R. Clubb, M. Rowcliffe, P. Lee, K.U. Mar, C. Moss & G.J. Mason
Fecundity and population viability in female zoo elephants: problems and possible solutions
Animal Welfare 18 (2009) 237-247 Abstract/Download

A. Coleing
The application of social network theory to animal behavior
Bioscience Horizons 2 (2009) 32-43 Abstract/Download

A. Datta-Roy, N. Ved & A.C. Williams
Participatory elephant monitoring in South Garo Hills: efficacy and utility in a human-animal conflict scenario
Tropical Ecology 50 (2009) 163-171 Abstract/Download

P. Fernando, H.K. Janaka, S.K.K. Ekanayaka, H.G. Nishantha & J. Pastorini
A simple method for assessing elephant body condition
Gajah 31 (2009) 29-31 Abstract/Download

M.M. Garner, K. Helmick, J. Ochsenreiter, L.K. Richman, E. Latimer, A.G.Wise , R.K. Maes, M. Kiupel, R.W. Nordhausen, J.C. Zong & G.S. Hayward
Clinico-pathologic features of fatal disease attributed to new variants of endotheliotropic herpesviruses in two Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Veterinary Pathology 46 (2009) 97-104 Abstract/Download

A. Godfrey & C. Kongmuang
Distribution, demography and basic husbandry of the Asian elephant in the tourism industry in Northern Thailand
Gajah 30 (2009) 13-18 Abstract/Download

R. Greenwald, O. Lyashchenko, J. Esfandiari, M. Miller, S. Mikota, J.H. Olsen, R. Ball, G. Dumonceaux, D. Schmitt, T. Moller, J.B. Payeur, B. Harris, D. Sofranko, W.R. Waters & K.P. Lyashchenko
Highly accurate antibody assays for early and rapid detection of tuberculosis in African and Asian elephants
Clinical and Vaccine Immunology 16 (2009) 605-612 Abstract/Download

H.S. Gupta & M.S. Nathawat
Elephant movement in Karra C.D. Block – A spatio-temporal analysis
Gajah 31 (2009) 21-24 Abstract/Download

J.E. Haakonsson & S. Semple
Lateralisation of trunk movements in captive Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Laterality 14 (2009) 413-422 Abstract/Download

A.Y. Hakeem, C.C. Sherwood, C.J. Bonar, C. Butti, P.R. Hof & J.M. Allman
Von Economo neurons in the elephant brain
The Anatomical Record: Advances in Integrative Anatomy and Evolutionary Biology 292 (2009) 242-248 Abstract/Download

B.R. Harish, B.M. Shivaraj, B.M. Chandranaik, M.D. Venkatesh & C. Renukaprasad
Hemorrhagic septicemia in Asian elephants Elephas maximus in Karnataka state, India
Journal of Threatened Taxa 1(2009) 194-195 Abstract/Download

R. Hermes, B. Behr, T.B. Hildebrandt, S. Blottner, B. Sieg, A. Frenzel, A. Knieriem, J. Saragusty & D. Rath
Sperm sex-sorting in the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus)
Animal Reproduction Science 112 (2009) 390–396 Abstract/Download

N. Irie & T. Hasegawa
Elephant psychology: What we know and what we would like to know
Japanese Psychological Research 51(2009) 177-181 Abstract/Download

N. Irie-Sugimoto, T. Kobayashi, T. Sato & T. Hasegawa
Relative quantity judgment by Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Animal Cognition 12 (2009) 193-199 Abstract/Download

G. Iossa, C.D. Soulsbury & S. Harris
Are wild animals suited to a travelling circus life?
Animal Welfare 18 (2009) 129-140 Abstract/Download

D. Jayantha, P.N. Dayawansa, U.K.G.K. Padmalal & W.D. Ratnasooriya
Social relationships of wild juvenile Asian Elephants Elephas maximus in the Udawalawa National Park, Sri Lanka
Journal of Threatened Taxa 1 (2009) 211-214 Abstract/Download

M. Jaynes
From war elephants to circus elephants: Humanity’s abuse of elephants
Journal for Critical Animal Studies 7 (2009) 74-106 Abstract/Download

R. Joshi
Asian elephant’s Elephas maximus behaviour in the Rajaji National Park, north-west India: Eight years with Asian elephant
Nature and Science 7 (2009) 49-77 Abstract/Download

R. Joshi & R. Singh
Gujjar community rehabilitation from Rajaji National Park: Moving towards an integrated Approach for Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) conservation
Journal of Human Ecology 28 (2009) 199-206 Abstract/Download

N. Kontogeorgopoulos
Wildlife tourism in semi-captive settings: a case study of elephant camps in northern Thailand
Current Issues in Tourism 12 (2009) 429-449 Abstract/Download

J.A. Landolfi, S.A. Schultz, S.K. Mikota & K.A. Terio
Development and validation of cytokine quantitative, real time RT-PCR assays for characterization of Asian elephant immune responses
Veterinary Immunology and Immunopathology 131 (2009) 73-78 Abstract/Download

J.C. Lee, H.M. Hsieh, L.H. Huang, Y.C. Kuo, J.H. Wu, S.C. Chin, A.H. Lee, A. Linacre & L.C. Tsai
Ivory identification by DNA profiling of cytochrome b gene
International Journal of Legal Medicine 123 (2009) 117–121 Abstract/Download

J. Lorimer & S. Whatmore
After the ‘king of beasts’: Samuel Baker and the embodied historical geographies of elephant hunting in mid-nineteenth-century Ceylon

Journal of Historical Geography 35 (2009) 668-689 Abstract/Download

A. Mallapur & A. Ramanathan
Differences in husbandry and management systems across ten facilities housing Asian elephants Elephas maximas in India
International Zoo Yearbook 43 (2009) 189-197 Abstract/Download

P. Matson, Wendy Kappelle & I. Maleckiv
The use of a hypo-osmotic swelling (HOS) test on sperm of the pig (Sus scrofa domesticus), emu (Dromaius novaehollandiae), Asian elephant (Elephas maximus), hamadryas baboon (Papio hamadryas hamadryas), and central rock rat (Zyzomys pedunculatus)
Reproductive Biology 9 (2009) 181-187 Abstract/Download

S. Miththapala
The Uda Walawe Elephant Transit Home - Another opportunity missed?
Gajah 30 (2009) 24-28 Abstract/Download

S. Nair, R. Balakrishnan, C.S. Seelamantula & R. Sukumar
Vocalizations of wild Asian elephants (Elephas maximus): structural classification and social context
Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 126 (2009) 2768-2778 Abstract/Download

N.K. Nath, B.P. Lahkar, N. Brahma, S. Dey, J.P. Das, P.K. Sarma & B.K. Talukdar
An assessment of human-elephant conflict in Manas National Park, Assam, India
Journal of Threatened Taxa 1 (2009) 309-316 Abstract/Download

C. Neto de Carvalho
Vertebrate tracksites from the Mid-Late Pleistocene eolianites of Portugal: the first record of elephant tracks in Europe
Geological Quarterly 53 (2009) 407-414 Abstract/Download

M. Ogra
Attitudes toward resolution of human–wildlife conflict among Forest-Dependent agriculturalists Near Rajaji National Park, India
Human Ecology 37 (2009) 161-177 Abstract/Download

Z. Min Oo, W.O.M. Kyaw, T. Nyunt & A.T. Khaing
The occurrence of microfilaria and the response of microfilaria and gut nematodes to ivermectin therapy in Myanmar timber elephants
Gajah 31 (2009) 40-45 Abstract/Download

W. Pan, L. Lin, A. Luo, & L. Zhang
Corridor use by Asian elephants
Integrative Zoology 4 (2009) 220–231 Abstract/Download

G. Paul
The nearly columnar limbs of elephants are very different from the more flexed, spring action limbs of running mammals and birds
Journal of Experimental Biology 212 (2009) 152-154 Abstract/Download

B.M.A.O. Perera
The human-elephant conflict: A review of current status and mitigation methods
Gajah 30 (2009) 41-52 Abstract/Download

R. Ramanathapillai
A forest ride on wild elephants: The philosophy of wilderness in buddhism
Gajah 30 (2009) 29-33 Abstract/Download

P.A. Rees
Activity budgets and the relationship between feeding and stereotypic behaviors in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus) in a zoo
Zoo Biology 28 (2009) 79-97 Abstract/Download

P.A. Rees
The sizes of elephant groups in zoos: Implications for elephant welfare

Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science 12 (2009) 44-60 Abstract/Download

Y. Ren, M.T. Johnson, P.J. Clemins, M. Darre, S. Stuart Glaeser, T.S. Osiejuk & E. Out-Nyarko
A framework for bioacoustic vocalization analysis using hidden Markov models
Algorithms 2 (2009) 1410-1428 Abstract/Download

A.L. Roca, Y. Ishida, N. Nikolaidis, S.O. Kolokotronis, S. Fratpietro, K. Stewardson, S. Hensley, M. Tisdale, G. Boeskorov & A.D. Greenwood
Genetic variation at hair length candidate genes in elephants and the extinct woolly mammoth
BMC Evolutionary Biology 9 (2009) 232 Abstract/Download

M. Roy, N. Baskaran & Raman Sukumar
The death of jumbos on railway tracks in northern west Bengal
Gajah 31 (2009) 36-39 Abstract/Download

M. Sa-ardrit, N. Thongtip, K. Kornkaewrat, T. Faisaikarm, Y. Kitiyanant, S. Mahasawangkul, A. Pinyopummin & K. Saikhun
Assessment of viability and acrosomal status of Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) sperm after treatment with calcium ionophore and heparin
Journal of the South African Veterinary Association 80 (2009) 146-150 Abstract/Download

J. Saragusty, R. Hermes, F. Göritz, D.L. Schmitt & T.B. Hildebrandt
Skewed birth sex ratio and premature mortality in elephants

Animal Reproduction Science 115 (2009) 247–254 Abstract/Download

J. Saragusty, T.B. Hildebrandt, B. Behr, A. Knieriem, J. Kruse & R. Hermes
Successful cryopreservation of Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) spermatozoa
Animal Reproduction Science 115 (2009) 255-266 Abstract/Download

M. Srikrachang, S. Kiatprajak, T. Bidayabha, S. Tanasarnpaiboon, C. Sang-indra, D. Saenthawee & S. Wongsuwan
Wild elephant counting weeks in the king’s project area, Kui Buri National Park, Southwestern Thailand
Gajah 31 (2009) 32-35 Abstract/Download

H. Telkänranta
Conditioning or cognition? Understanding interspecific communication as a way of improving animal training (a case study with elephants in Nepal
Sign Systems Studies 37 (2009) 542-557 Abstract/Download

J. Thapa
Twin elephants born in Nepal
Gajah 30 (2009) 53 Abstract/Download

C. Thitaram, S. Chansitthiwet, P. Pongsopawijit, J.L. Brown, W. Wongkalasin, P. Daram, R. Roongsri, A. Kalmapijit, S. Mahasawangkul, S. Rojanasthien, B. Colenbrander, G.C. van der Weijden & F.J.C.M. van Eerdenburg
Use of genital inspection and female urine tests to detect oestrus in captive Asian elephants
Animal Reproduction Science 115 (2009) 267–278 Abstract/Download

C. Thitaram, P. Pongsopawijit, S. Chansitthiwet, J.L. Brown, K. Nimtragul, K. Boonprasert, P. Homkong, S. Mahasawangkul, S. Rojanasthien, B. Colenbrander, G.C. van der Weijden & F.J.C.M. van Eerdenburg
Induction of the ovulatory LH surge in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus): a novel aid in captive breeding management of an endangered species
Reproduction, Fertility and Development 21 (2009) 672-678 Abstract/Download

N. Thongtip, S.l. Mahasawangku, C. Thitaram, P. Pongsopavijitr, K. Kornkaewrat, A. Pinyopummin, T. Angkawanish, S. Jansittiwate, R. Rungsri, K. Boonprasert, W. Wongkalasinh, P. Homkong, S. Dejchaisri, W. Wajjwalku & K. Saikhun
Successful artificial insemination in the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) using chilled and frozen-thawed semen
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 7 (2009) 75 $Abstract/Download

V. Vanitha, K. Thiyagesan & N. Baskaran
Socio-economic status of elephant keepers (mahouts) and human–captive elephant conflict: A case study from the three management systems in Tamil Nadu, Southern India
Gajah 30 (2009) 8-12 Abstract/Download

T.N.C. Vidya, R. Sukumar & D.J. Melnick
Range-wide mtDNA phylogeography yields insights into the origins of Asian elephants
Proceedings of the Royal Society B 276 (2009) 893–902 Abstract/Download

E. Wiedner, A.R. Alleman & R. Isaza
Urinalysis in Asian elephants (Elephas maximus)
Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine 40 (2009) 659-666 Abstract/Download

E. Wiedner & D.L. Schmitt
Captive elephant medicine: Recent developments
Gajah 31 (2009) 25-28 Abstract/Download

A. Zimmermann, T.E. Davies, N. Hazarika, S. Wilson, J. Chakrabarty, B. Hazarika & D. Das
Community-based human-elephant conflict management in Assam
Gajah 30 (2009) 34-40 Abstract/Download