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Who We Are


A world where the environment is managed for the benefit of all species and scientific knowledge is effectively used to prevent and mitigate detrimental effects of human actions on the environment.




One of the main constraints for environmental conservation in Sri Lanka is the dearth of information that can help develop management plans, and guide environmental conservation and management. The Centre for Conservation and Research (CCR) was set up to fill this need by conducting, supporting and encouraging research into all aspects of the environment.



To develop a professional, science based approach to environmental conservation through conducting, promoting and facilitating research that will provide information required for environmental conservation and management.


Main Objectives

  • SnakeProvide innovative, science-based solutions for biodiversity conservation

  • Create greater awareness of the links between biodiversity and ecological health

  • Explore relationships among ecosystem health, human health and wildlife health

  • Promote conservation education by motivating citizens to actively participate in conserving threatened species and habitats

  • Aid conservationists to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes that will aid the practice of environmental conservation


The trust of CCR consists of six trustees:


Currently there are five scientists associated with CCR. Other scientists are welcome to join CCR.