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The Tragedy of Yala

An Elephantine Bashing

Why are the elephants in the Yala National Park so skinny? Isn't there enough food? Is this a new phenomenon?
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Skinny elephants in Yala National Park A too close encounter with a grumpy elephant. Most of the time elephants only do mock charges. But sometimes they are serious. Read the story... Elephant very close

Collaring an Elephant

Homey's Story

How do you radio track an elephant? Well, you have to put a collar with a transmitter on it first. So how do you put a collar on a wild elephant? Read the story... What does a translocated elephant do? If you put a collar with a transmitter on it first, you might find out. Read the story...

White Elephant

An Elephant Encounter

Does the white elephant really exist? She sure does! Quite happily browsing around in the scrub vegetation in and around the Yala National Park. Read the story... A day’s observation of elephants in the field brought to a swift conclusion by an ‘elephant drive’... Read the story...

First Post-Tsunami Expedition to Block II


The tsunami in Dec. 2004 came in the wet season. Block II in the Yala National Park is practically non-navigable in the wet season. So it was hard to get there to see what happened... Read the story...